Roval Traverse SL II 350 6B

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The Specialized Traverse SL II wheels offer exceptional control and strength-to-weight ratio for trail riders seeking agility. With increased strength, vertical compliance, and traction, these wheels are designed for bump absorption on various terrains. Register for a lifetime warranty and enjoy crash replacement within the US.

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SMOOTHER IS FASTER: Trail riders who value agile handling will be amazed by the Traverse SL II's exceptional control, strength-to-weight ratio, and resistance to pinch flats. LIGHTER: This is our lightest ever trail wheelset, weighing only 1,751 grams. STRONGER: The front and rear specific rims are optimized for strength and weight, with 15% greater strength in the front wheel and 25% more strength in the rear wheel compared to the previous Traverse SL. VERTICAL COMPLIANCE: The Traverse SL II offers 21% more vertical compliance than its predecessor, thanks to the Shallow Rim Shape and front/rear specific layup. This provides enhanced control and absorption of bumps on various terrains. TRACTION MONSTER: The carefully engineered rim shape flexes intentionally to provide improved support and traction, boosting confidence and control. TOUGH LIFE, LONG LIFE: The engineered rim offset enables balanced spoke tension, which improves fatigue life. SAYONARA PINCH FLATS: The optimized ""Flat Top"" bead profile requires 85% more force to pinch flat compared to a standard round bead, virtually eliminating ""snake bites"". This feature has a United States patent pending. AIR TIME: The ""Roval ThreadBed Valve"", invented by our genius engineer Chuck Teixeira, threads directly into the rim, eliminating compression nuts and air loss from rim flex. This valve also makes tire set-up easier and reduces sealant clogs. LIFETIME WARRANTY: Register your Roval Wheels within the first 90 days of purchase to enjoy a lifetime warranty. CRASH REPLACEMENT: Our ""It Happens"" No Fault Crash Replacement covers any damage to your Roval product while riding within the first two years of ownership that is not covered under warranty. We will still replace or repair the product. This offer is valid in the United States only and requires product registration.

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Roval Warranty and Crash Replacement

We work obsessively to create wheels that make your ride better, but we don’t stop there. Because we know that **it happens (we’re riders, too), we have your back with a lifetime warranty and an amazing no-fault crash replacement policy.

- Register your Roval wheels to enjoy lifetime warranty.
- Crash or damage your wheels in the first 2 years?

Our **it Happens policy means we’ll repair or replace them, no questions asked.

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