Propero 4


Introducing the new Specialized Propero 4 helmet - blending aerodynamics and ventilation for optimal speed. Featuring MIPS technology and a 5-Star Virginia Tech® Rating. Enhanced fit and comfort with FS3 Fit System and sleek design details. Ideal for road cyclists.

Meet the all-new Propero 4 helmet from Specialized. It combines the aero advantages of the S-Works Evade 3 with the ventilation of S-Works Prevail 3, all while providing the comfort and confidence Specialized helmets are renowned for, earning the highest 5-Star Virginia Tech® helmet rating.

  • AERODYNAMICS: Developed with extensive testing in CFD and our Win Tunnel, aerodynamics were a key focus of the Propero 4. Taking the aerodynamic leading edge from the S-Works Evade 3, it is four watts or 15 seconds faster over 40km compared to the S-Works Prevail 3.
  • VENTILATION: Inspired by the S-Works Prevail 3, ventilation was a major goal in creating a well-balanced helmet. By incorporating the rear-end design language of the S-Works Prevail 3 and introducing small 2mm offset micro-channels, the Propero 4 generates turbulence in the airflow for a continuous refreshing flow of air.
  • ATTENTION TO DETAIL: Going beyond aerodynamics and ventilation, the Propero 4 showcases meticulous attention to detail. It includes cutting-edge technologies like MIPS for enhanced confidence and a fit system designed for all-day comfort. The Propero 4 doesn't just meet expectations; it redefines them.

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