Immerse yourself in the thrill of cycling with 'Loma' by Specialized, top-notch road helmet. Combining style and safety, it features MIPS Essential Core system and 4D cooling technology. Get your hands on this Specialized masterpiece for a comfortable and safe ride.

Immerse yourself in the thrill of cycling with 'Loma' by Specialized, the ultimate equipment for every kind of terrain. Embark on off-road adventures and conquer picturesque climbs with cutting-edge gear that doesn’t compromise style, comfort, or performance.

  • Marries elegance with superior functionality for a timeless style
  • Employs advanced comfort enhancements and ventilation features of Specialized's premium S-Works helmets
  • Incorporates the innovative Mips Essential Core system for optimum safety

Further adding to its stellar reputation, the Loma has proudly achieved a 5-Star rating from the prestigious Virginia Tech® Helmet Rating™ programme. This seal of approval underlines its commitment to providing top-notch safety for cyclists.

  • Boasts a distinguished 5-Star Virginia Tech® Helmet rating
  • Features handy Sunglass Storage for convenience
  • Uses advanced 4D cooling technology for superior ventilation
  • Equipped with the Mips Essential Core system for comprehensive protection

Experience the blend of high-performance features and top-notch comfort with the 'Loma' helmet by Specialized - your perfect companion for both road and gravel riding.

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