S-Works Evade w/ ANGI

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Introducing the new S-Works Evade helmet from Specialized. The fastest road helmet available, designed to challenge conventions. Featuring MIPS SL technology for superior comfort and safety. Experience unrivalled performance, ventilation, and aerodynamics. Upgrade to the coolest aero helmet on the market now.

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Helmets have long been plagued by an unwritten rule: You can have a lightweight helmet, a well-ventilated helmet, or an aerodynamic helmet, but you can't have all three. However, we at Specialized don't like to follow the rules. Instead, we challenge conventions and create products that surpass expectations. The new S-Works Evade helmet is a perfect example of this. It is simply the fastest road helmet available.We worked closely with MIPS researchers to introduce MIPS SL, an ultra-light and incredibly comfortable version of MIPS that is exclusive to Specialized helmets. With MIPS SL, we have integrated MIPS technology directly into the helmet padding. The minimalist ""watchband"" attachment system of MIPS SL allows for up to 15 millimeters of rotation in every direction, providing the same brain protection as other MIPS versions while adding a new level of comfort and weight savings.To develop the Evade, we spent countless hours in our own wind tunnel, rather than just testing the helmet there. This allowed us to prioritize aerodynamics throughout the design process. We meticulously analyzed every aspect of the helmet's performance in the wind tunnel and during real-world testing to ensure we achieved optimal performance. The result is the fastest road helmet we have ever tested.Not only did we reduce drag, but we also prioritized safety. We used our Energy Optimized Multi-Density EPS construction, which optimizes the foam type in different areas of the helmet for enhanced safety. Additionally, we focused on maximizing airflow through the helmet to improve ventilation and decrease aerodynamic drag. The exterior vents and interior channels are carefully designed to draw in the maximum amount of air for exceptional cooling. As a result, the new Evade is as cool as riding without a helmet, making it the coolest aero helmet on the market.Through our extensive work, the Evade saves 50 seconds over 40km compared to a traditional road helmet and around six seconds compared to the previous version of the Evade. This means that it is not only cool, but also incredibly fast. When it comes to road race helmets, nothing can match its performance.Finally, a fast helmet is useless if it doesn't fit correctly. That's why the new S-Works Evade is equipped with all the features you would expect from a top-level helmet. It includes our Mindset HairPort 2 fit system with micro-adjustments, soft webbing that won't stretch out, and a new Gutter Action brow pad to manage sweat and keep it out of your eyes. To make things even easier, we've added a new magnetic buckle for effortless one-handed buckling.Experience the ultimate in speed, safety, and comfort with the S-Works Evade with ANGi helmet from Specialized.