S-Works Evade

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Experience the ultimate in speed, safety, and comfort with the Specialized S-Works Evade with ANGi helmet. The fastest road helmet available, designed to challenge conventions with superior aerodynamics, optimal ventilation, and enhanced safety features.

Prepare to redefine your understanding of cycle headgear with the new S-Works Evade helmet - an enviable product of the prestigious 'Specialized' brand.

Forget the traditional limits of choosing between light weight, premier ventilation, and aerodynamics. We decided to break the norm and create a helmet that represents all and more. Simply put, the S-Works Evade helmet is the fastest road helmet on the market.

A vast portion of our development process was spent in our Win Tunnel, using cutting-edge aerodynamic testing to ensure no aspect of helmet performance was overlooked. The result? A helmet that guarantees high-speed, safety, and comfort, moulded into one. Being our own wind tunnel users, we ensured that aerodynamics was not just a final check, but a crucial element of our design process.

Additionally, the helmet’s construction has been metamorphosed to integrate our Energy Optimised Multi-Density EPS, which optimises foam in all the right places, striking a perfect balance between safety and low drag.

Addressing ventilation, we've engineered the maximum possible air-flow through the helmet. The carefully designed vents and interior channels ensure the helmet is as cool as a breezy ride down a country lane, all without compromising aerodynamics. The result is truly incredible - the new Evade helmet maintains the same coolness as a bare head, making it arguably the coolest aero helmet available.

Through meticulous tuning and refinement, the Evade helmet can save you 50 seconds over 40km compared to a traditional road helmet, and even a remarkable 6 seconds over the previous version of the Evade. This helmet is not only as cool as a bare head but also as fast, meaning there truly is nothing else like it on the market when it comes to road race helmets.

Lastly, we've taken fit and comfort to another level. After all, what's a fast helmet if it doesn't fit perfectly? The new S-Works Evade helmet includes the proprietary features you'd expect from a top-end helmet – our Mindset HairPort 2 fit system with micro-adjustments, non-stretch soft webbing, and a new Gutter Action brow pad to efficiently manage sweat. As a finishing touch, we've even added a new magnetic buckle, making one-handed fastening a simple task.

Choose the next level - Choose the S-Works Evade. Exceed your performance expectations.

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