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Our ANGi sensor (patented in the USA) offers pre, during, and post-crash protection. Paired with the Specialized Ride App, it alerts emergency contacts with GPS coordinates. Compatible with Specialized ANGi-ready helmets. Light with a long battery life.

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Introducing the ANGi Crash Sensor by Specialized, a pioneering safety device meticulously designed to protect cyclists before, during, and after accidents. This US patented sensor is your lifeguard during solo rides, keeping an extra eye on your safety.

The ANGi Crash Sensor flawlessly partners with the Specialized Ride App, available on both iOS and Android devices. As soon as a potential crash is detected, it instantly triggers a countdown. This countdown can be stopped if everything is fine, but if the crash is serious and the countdown reaches zero, the sensor takes action.

The sensor communicates your distress to your pre-selected contacts, sending them an alert along with your last known GPS coordinates. It's as if you've dialled for help yourself except this technology does it much quicker, ensuring you are reached as quickly as possible.

Worried about venturing too far from mobile service coverage? Fear not, as the ANGi Crash Sensor has a workaround. Simply set your expected ride time before departing for areas with limited or no service. As long as you have an active data signal when you commence your ride, this smart sensor has you covered. If you don't complete your ride within the time frame, the sensor automatically sends a notification to your contacts containing your last known location.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing the ANGi Crash Sensor has your safety as its priority, wherever your biking adventures may lead.

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