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Andorra Comp Shorts

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For a pair of mountain bike shorts to be functional they not only need to be durable and lightweight but they also need to be comfortable and stylish. And while we don't want to toot our own horn our Women's Andorra Comp Shorts have this all in spades.

To make sure of it we made them from a woven version of our lightweight and ultra-breathable VaporRize™ fabrics. As a result the shorts are more than tough enough to take repeated spills while you're finding your line or losing it without sacrificing anything to comfort.

In terms of fit you'll find that these shorts fall comfortably between baggy and tight but don't go over the top with it either way. As a result we cut them to fall just around the knee leaving plenty of room for light armor or kneepads. There are also side waist adjustment tabs that keep the waist where you want it when the pockets are loaded. And when it comes to pockets there are plenty—two hand two back and one side zippered.

Please note that these shorts do not feature a pair of liner shorts with a chamois. If you're looking for this to be integrated check out any of our SWAT™ shorts.