Specialzied electric bikes, the turbo boosters of the cycling world. Our range of Specialzied E-Bikes will have you effortlessly cruising up hills, feeling the wind in your hair, and zipping through the city with a grin from ear to ear. Ebikes combine the joy of traditional biking with a futuristic twist – an electric motor that gives you a magical push when you pedal. They're the ultimate adventure companions, taking you farther, faster, and with less effort. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in everything we create because we are passionate riders of our own creations. With nearly half a century of experience, our dedicated teams ride our bikes across diverse terrains worldwide, channelling their obsession into each design. This obsession is the key to crafting exceptional bicycles, catering to a wide spectrum of riders, from daily commuters to elite athletes. And now, we bring this same level of dedication to crafting e-Bikes, ensuring they receive the same unwavering attention to detail. We are committed to designing bikes that you'll cherish and enjoy for a lifetime.

So, whether you're a thrill-seeker, a commuter, or just someone who loves the thrill of the ride, ebikes are your ticket to a fun and electrifying cycling experience. Jump on one and let the adventure begin!

What are the different types of E-Bikes?

At Specialized Concept Store, we cover all bases, with our full range of e-bikes. Our hybrid electric bikes are perfect for those looking to make the most of their daily adventures, be it being able to go further on your gentle cycle around the city or being able to commute into work with minimal effort and miss the traffic-jams.

For the rider who seeks the thrill of the trails, our range of electric mountain bikes are the perfect fit for you to take on any terrain, without breaking a sweat on the climbs. With up to 5 hours of battery power, you can ride for longer, without the need to compromise your ride, as our range of full-suspension E-MTB’s still have the control & balance you have come to know from Specialized Mountain Bikes.

But what about those who are looking to stay on the tarmac? Or even test it out on the gravel paths? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The Specialized range of Gravel & Road electric bikes have the poise and comfort for you to chew up the miles and go further than you thought you could.

Electric Mountain Bikes

Take on any terrain the trails have to throw at you, with our Turbo Kenevo or Turbo Levo bikes. With up to 5 hours of battery time, you get to ride for longer, explore further, and get to do more of what you love.

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Electric Hybrid Bikes

Beat the traffic, cruise around town, or go for a gentle evening pedal, all with less effort. With 120 miles of battery power, you don’t need to worry about exploring further, and with a super smooth ride, you can do it all without breaking a sweat. Our range of versatile commuter & hybrid bikes are here to help you make the most of your everyday adventures.

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Electric Road & Gravel Bikes

The Specialized Creo is not just lightweight & powerful, it handles like you wouldn’t believe. Power when you need makes those climbs easier and the rides longer. Explore further with the Specialized Creo range.

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