Brighten your base miles with Supacaz finishing kit and accessories

Brighten your base miles with Supacaz finishing kit and accessories

Brighten your base miles with Supacaz finishing kit and accessories

We are well into winter and if you’re someone that trains on their bike, you’ll likely be in the depths of improving your aerobic base for the coming year. For many, this means lots of zone two base miles, and long hours on the bike. Whether you need to be enticed off the turbo and into the outdoors or if you want your bike to stand out amongst the grey weather, we, or more specifically, Supacaz, have plenty of accessories for you and your bike to brighten up those miles.

Supa socks

The best way to feel good? A new pair of socks, obviously. Whether it’s indoors or out, a flashy pair of sweat-wicking socks will not only look amazing, but they can boost your morale too. Perhaps you’ve done one too many multi-hour sessions on the turbo trainer and can barely stand the sight of Watopia anymore. Or maybe you’ve forgotten what the sun looks like or what it feels like to not wear fifteen layers outside. Either way, from fluro pink to bright block red, there’s a new pair of Supacaz Supasox Twisted socks with your name on them. 

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Update your cockpit with new bar tape or grips

Whether you ride a drop bar bike or a flat bar one, Supacaz do comfortable yet bright grips and bar tape for you. 

For the more subdued road cyclist, Supacaz has plenty of options. Including the Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Galaxy Tape with its black base and coloured stars, it adds a subtle splash of colour to your cockpit without going overboard. 

But, if bright and bold is more your thing, then why not commit with the Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Classic Tape in something like red? It’ll keep your hands comfortable over mile upon mile of tough terrain, whether it’s the cobbles of Belgium or base miles of Yorkshire and look good whilst doing it. 

If, however, you have a flat bar bike, then Supacaz hasn’t forgotten about you. Focus on the road or trail in front of you, rather than worrying about holding grip on your bars with the Supacaz Grizips Grip. These grips have adorned the bikes of the winners of World Cups and Cape Epics. They come in several colours so you can match them to your own colour scheme. 

Another fine option for ultimate bike control is the Supacaz Diamond Kush Grip, available in either oil slick or full black depending on your tastes.

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Add a touch of style with your bottle cages

It’s not always easy giving your bike a makeover, but it is easy to give it a spruce of colour with an upgraded bottle cage. Choose from lightweight options like the 18g Supacaz Fly Cage Ano, which is made from 100% aluminium making it robust as well as incredibly light. Ideal for the weight weenies (looking at you, road cyclists), as well as riders who just want to spruce up their bike in winter. Base miles have never seemed so appealing! There are plenty of colour options, including more traditional pink and red, to the iconic celeste, or space-age gunmetal or oil slick.

If you prefer to ride the trails or want something less metal, more plastic, then the Supacaz Fly Cage Poly is perhaps a better option. It’s still available in a variety of colours to suit your style, but its tight wings offer a super secure fit so you don’t need to worry about your bottle making a run for it on tricky terrain. 

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Ready to spruce your bike up for some winter base miles? Whether you’re riding skinny tyres or knobbly ones, there are plenty of bright choices to accessorise your bike with. We have lots on show at our Concept Stores so if you want some help picking out your next cycling accessory, why not head to your local Store? You can find your closest Concept Store by clicking here.

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