Dream Big

Dream Big

Dream Big

What do you picture when you think of your dream bike? Sure, words like ‘responsive’ and ‘lightweight’ will be in your mind, but so will those little extras that Specialized and our partners have developed over the years that make the difference between a great bike and a true dream machine.

You know that a Specialized bike will deliver over and above on the standard details, will tick the boxes titled ‘got to be a head turner’ and ‘must make my friends jealous’ and will also bring extra cakes to the party. With the 2020 Specialized range, you can ride the very best. Time to get dreaming.


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Own the road

Let’s continue the dream theme here… Picture the scene: the open road, a succession of tree-lined hills and valley roads, sweeping bends and fast descents, the sun on your back and a huge grin on your face. When we developed the new Tarmac we had all this in mind – our goal was to create a bike that wasn’t just fast, we wanted it to be fast everywhere. Long climbs, windy flats, Grand Tour stages, local rides – we built a race bike to be the most complete out there.

The beating heart of the Tarmac is its Rider-First Engineered frame, constructed from FACT 10r carbon or, in the case of the range-topping S-Works and Sagan collection, the even more advanced 12r carbon. We’ve managed to shave off 200 grams of frame weight here, a huge 20% weight loss perfect for targeting your next PR. Combined with updated geometry the 2020 Tarmac delivers instantaneous response and optimal power transfer, a bike that's approximately 45 seconds faster over 40km compared to other lightweight bikes in the same category.

‘Rider-First Engineered’ means that we examine every ply of carbon on every frame size to ensure that all of our performance targets come through. To make sure you get the perfect bike whatever size you ride, every frame gets a unique layup schedule with different ply arrangements, orientations, quantities of material in specific areas, and sometimes even exclusive thicknesses and types of carbon itself.

Tubeless ready Roval wheels and disc brakes offer unsurpassed control, and the electronic groupsets on these beauties complete a bike that is a dream to ride. SRAM’s fully customisable and bang-up-to-date 12-speed Force ETAP AXS, found on the 2020 Tarmac Pro Disc, delivers modern wireless gearing, advanced chain management and simple personalisation. You can integrate SRAM’s DZero power meter too, giving you all the metrics you need to train and race at the highest level.

Peter Sagan is a man who knows how to dream big and what it takes to turn those dreams into reality. It’s no surprise to see Shimano’s Di2 electronic groupset on the 2020 Sagan Collection Tarmac edition allowing you to ride in the wheel tracks of one of the greatest riders in the world today.

Roubaix by name

At Specialized we have had a very special relationship with the French city of Roubaix over the years. Its iconic velodrome marks the finish of a race we’ve come to dominate and we’re proud to have the city’s name on our range of cobble-crunching bikes. The 2020 Roubaix is the latest iteration of our most versatile, balanced and responsive road bike, one which has become the do anything, go anywhere endurance bike for a huge range of riders since it was first launched 15 years ago. Taking feedback from professional riders and weekend warriors alike, and building on the success of the last redesign in 2016, the new Roubaix is lighter, stiffer, more comfortable and more aerodynamic than ever.


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The 2020 Roubaix range takes the ride-smoothing technology of the Future Shock-equipped front end and a compliant frame and ties it all together with the latest aero profiles to create a bike that is as fast as it is comfortable. Specialized’s engineers took a good peek at what it was that made the terrifyingly fast Venge and Tarmac so quick and put it all to good use in the 2020 Roubaix. So much so that it’s claimed that the new Roubaix is faster than the current Tarmac SL6.

The new Roubaix is our most versatile road bike yet. Fitted with disc brakes and with room for up to 33mm wide tyres there are no limits on where you can ride. Whether it’s smooth tarmac, pot-holed streets or gravel tracks, the Roubaix can take whatever is thrown in its way.

Take your dreams off road

While we’re talking about dream bikes there is no way we could leave out the S-Works Epic, truly the fastest XC whip on the planet with more World Championship titles, Olympic medals and Cape Epic wins than anyone can count. So, what does Specialized do with such an all-conquering machine? Sit on our laurels, take the plaudits and relax in the sun? What do you think…?

No, we've made it even faster with XX1 Eagle AX, SRAM's cutting-edge, wireless electronic drivetrain and combined it with a lighter frame with superior handling and stability. Under pedalling loads, in harsh conditions, at speed... the S-Works Epic AXS rides as good as it looks.

We’ll have the 2020 S-Works Epic AXS in store soon – keep your eyes on the website to be the first to check this beauty out. You’ll be dreaming big once you see it!



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