How an e-road bike can enhance your riding – Creo SL

How an e-road bike can enhance your riding – Creo SL

How an e-road bike can enhance your riding – Creo SL

Electric road bikes haven’t always been popular, particularly with die-hard road cyclists. But, times are changing and with the improvements in electronic technology over the last few years these e-road bikes are sleeker, lighter and more powerful than ever. The Specialized Creo range offers mid-drive performance not normally seen on an electric road bike. So how can an e-road bike like the Creo enhance your road riding?

Ride further

With a 320Wh battery, the Specialized Creo electric road bike can provide plenty of extra mileage for your road rides. As with all e-bikes in the UK, the maximum speed the motor can assist to is 15.5mph. Electric road bikes aren’t necessarily designed to be ridden with the assist on all the time. Instead, they’re there to help take the sting out of hills or a headwind. You’ll get even more mileage out of the battery if you only use it when you need to. 

The Specialized SL 1.1 motor which sits close to the bottom bracket, helps to balance the bike and avoid that ‘wheel spinning off-the-line’ moment if you set off on slippery ground. It’s also carefully designed so that if you don’t want to use the battery, the ride quality isn’t affected. There is very little drag from the motor when it’s ‘off’, or if you’re riding above the assistance speed threshold and every gram has been counted so you won’t be struggling up any inclines with lots of extra kilograms to carry.

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Tackle the hills

Ever been on a ride and actively avoided a certain climb because you don’t think you can face it? That’ll no longer be a problem – trust us. The Creo SL has been tested on some of the steepest roads in England and it came out on top. It doesn’t take away the pleasure or accomplishment of riding a big hill either. It just simply makes it more accessible so you don’t have to divert your route onto a big A road just to avoid a 20% hill on the way home. 

There are three levels of assist to choose from and the Specialized 1.1 provides up to 35Nm of torque for when you need it most. As it is a mid-drive motor, it can provide more instantaneous power than a hub driven equivalent. This means if you need to stop and start, you won’t need more than half a crank revolution before the assist kicks in – perfect for stopping mid-climb for that perfect Instagram shot. 

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Great for those who need the assistance

The beauty of electric bikes is that they open the world of cycling to people who previously would have been put off due to level of physical activity required. Perhaps someone who’s getting older and can’t ride as far as they used to, or perhaps for those who have a health condition which limits their level of activity. For these people, an e-road bike can be a godsend and provide independence and moments of joy they might not otherwise have. 

So that’s why we take designing our e-road bikes seriously. They’re for everyone to ride and enjoy, as the sport of road cycling should be! 

An electric road bike that’s been designed around the motor, like the Creo SL, takes the best bits of a top-of-the-class road bike and moulds it into a lightweight, agile electric version. We use FACT 11r carbon and Open Road Geometry to find the best balance between comfort and speed. We’ve also included the Future Shock 2.0 technology in the headset, which absorbs road buzz and reduces arm fatigue in the process, to make the ride even smoother. 

Our Creo SL range is for everyone. It gives you the option for a good workout but the assist is there as a helping hand for when you need it. Dare we say it, it sounds like the best of both worlds. 

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If you are curious about trying an e-road bike from our Creo SL range, head to one of our Specialized Concept Stores where our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you out and you could even arrange a demo (subject to availability). Find your local Concept Store here.

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