Introducing the Tero X

Introducing the Tero X

Introducing the Tero X

Ready to ride anywhere, carrying anything? Well, almost anything. The brand-new Specialized Tero X, full-suspension SUV, of the e-bike world, is ready to take you and your cargo on any adventure you can throw at it. With three new models launched, there’s an option for everyone depending on how far you want to ride and what you want to haul. Let’s dig into the new range.

Motor and battery

The Tero X range is powered by Specialized’s proprietary tech, like our other electric bikes. The three models, (4.0, 5.0 and 6.0) will each use a slightly different variation, with different amounts of torque available. The Specialized 2.0E motor seen on the 4.0 model is still capable of 50 Nm of torque but is the most ‘efficient’ motor of the three, so your ideal motor depends on what you want to use it for!

Ready to take the bike off-road and load it up? Try the 6.0 model with our most powerful motor, the Specialized 2.2, capable of producing up to 90 Nm of torque when you need it most. Why do you need so much torque? If you’re carrying a lot of cargo, (the Tero X is trailer compatible), or riding the bike off-road, it helps you get going quicker and makes technical ascents easier to power up.

The Tero X models also come with different battery sizes: 530Wh for the 4.0 or 710Wh for the 5.0 and 6.0. It’s difficult to estimate accurate battery range as every rider is different and every ride is different, but with a 710Wh battery using the 2.0 motor in optimum conditions, you could see upwards of 136 kms from one charge. That’s a lot of miles!

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Frame and suspension

Now you’ve seen pictures of the Tero X you’ll have noticed it’s a full-suspension e-bike. We chose to use both front and rear suspension to enhance comfort when riding. It’s not meant to be an enduro racer or downhill MTB, but the difference rear suspension makes even when riding on British roads (we all know how bad the potholes are) is exponential. There’s 130mm travel up front and 120mm in the rear, so it’s just enough to tackle whatever the roads or bridleways can throw at you.

We’ve also included a dropper post as standard for peace of mind when stopping at junctions. No longer will you have to either perform a balancing act or get out of the saddle when stopping at the lights. Instead, you can push the dropper lever on the handlebars when you’re slowing down and stay seated while you wait for the lights to go green!

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Accessories and carrying capabilities

The Tero X is a go-anywhere with anything sort of e-bike. That’s why our tagline is, ‘you’re going to need a bigger map’, and why we’ve included so much carrying capacity. It’s like an e-cargo bike but without a bucket.

On the rear, you’ve got an integrated rack which can carry two pannier bags to a total weight of 20kg. On the front, you can purchase a separate rack to use our Coolcave accessories with (the faceplate must be changed to make this work) and another 10kg of carrying capacity. The Tero X is also rated to tow a trailer up to 60kg, so it’s perfect for taking the dog on a ride or the kids to school.

We’ve also equipped the Tero X with numerous accessories to make it rideable as soon as you get it home. Each bike has integrated front and rear lights, with the 6.0 model even having a brake light. Specially designed mudguards are also a key feature, protecting you and your cargo from mud or rain splatter. And finally, there’s a kickstand, so having to find somewhere to lean your bike is a thing of the past!

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Ready to discover what adventures you can go on with the Tero X? Head to one of our Concept Stores to see it in person and where our friendly teams will be able to answer any questions you may have. Find your nearest store here.

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