New Recon Shoes

New Recon Shoes

New Recon Shoes

Over the past decade gravel riding has experienced a monumental upturn in its popularity, many that were unfamiliar with the discipline a while ago, are now seasoned veterans of the ‘white roads’.

We like to lead not follow, so are continuously developing new and exciting products that keep us at the cutting edge of gravel specific technology. Our S-Works Recon shoe range has always been at the forefront of off-road performance, and now our latest update makes them the versatile gravel shoes you’ve always dreamed of. 

S-Works Recon 

Representing the pinnacle in cycle shoe engineering, the S-Works Recon has been re-designed to suit the needs of those new to gravel and accomplished riders in equal measure. The product of almost two decades worth of work and thousands of data driven foot scans, these shoes have been painstakingly put together by the S-Works team to deliver unprecedented performance. 

Comfort is also a priority, meaning that the S-Works Recon’s feature a tailored inside-and-out Body Geometry that ensures there are no pain points anywhere in the shoe. An internal I-Beam helps to add rigidity and prevents the need for further strengthening, this also helps to reduce the overall weight of the shoes. We take care of the technicalities, so you can focus on putting the hammer down.

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Recon ADV 

Designed with adventure in mind, the new Recon ADV shoes are the perfect addition to your gravel riding wardrobe and ensure you look stylish while exploring everything the white roads have to offer. We haven’t’ sacrificed substance for style though, as we recognise that adventurers need a shoe that stays comfortable all day long. The Varus Wedge Longitudinal Arch and Metatarsal Button make your feet secure while pedalling and keep them in-line with your knees for a seamless riding experience. Optimised STRIDE Toe-Flex technology also gives the shoes excellent walkability for the time spent off the bike. 

Like their S-Works cousins, the Recon ADV shoes feature an inside-and-out Body Geometry that allows you to step on the pedals with ease and deliver power when you need to find your way up a particularly steep incline. If adventure is your aim, the Recon ADV’s are the perfect companion. 

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Whether you’re new to gravel riding, already a regular, or simply want to refresh your look, the new Recon range could be the right shoes for you. Available in a range of sizes and colours, our helpful staff will always be on hand to assist you with your search. To find out where your nearest store is, simply click here.

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