The New Enduro - Fast just got Faster

The New Enduro - Fast just got Faster

The New Enduro - Fast just got Faster

At Specialized we pride ourselves on being not just ahead of the curve, but out in front showing everyone the way. We’ve been pushing the boundaries of what our bikes are capable of since we started back in 1974.

Our first Enduro appeared on the MTB scene at the end of the ’90s, turning heads, destroying trails and single-handedly defining the genre that bears its name. It was a completely new approach to mountain bike design – capable of smashing the descents yet still happy to get you back up to the top again for another go.

Enduro riding has evolved a lot over 20 years. Riders are now demanding a bike that can handle DH-levels of gnarliness over long distances and at the same time deliver kick-ass acceleration when it’s time to stomp on the pedals. To that end, let us introduce the 2020 Enduro – a bombproof-yet-lightweight carbon monster that blissfully tackles the kind of terrain that chews up and spits out lesser bikes. And it’s absolutely dressed to kill. Let the drooling begin.

Bite off more than you can chew

You ever get that feeling at the top of the trail when you look down and think, ‘Er….no…’? Well, with the new Enduro you can say goodbye to that – it’s a bike that will never shy away from the nastiest descents, sporting a carbon chassis inspired by its even rowdier big brother, the Demo. With more travel and a progressive geometry that keeps you in control, you can bite off as much as you can chew, and then some.

Taking inspiration from the Demo we moved the Enduro’s main pivot forward and lowered the centre of gravity. Impact energy is transferred into the suspension, where it belongs, instead of into you.

The new Enduro rolls on 29” hoops and boasts a whopping 170mm travel front and rear, all wrapped up in a new suspension layout that carries an amazing amount of momentum through the bounciest and most challenging terrain out there. The end result is an incredibly balanced bike, one that obliterates the biggest hits and provides a smooth and fast ride no matter where you point it. 


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Speed is your friend! 

The Demo is beginning to look over its shoulder at its rapidly maturing little bro. We spent a lot of time looking at the finest details, allowing the biggest brains in our factory to go into full-on geek mode. These are the guys who get excited by phrases such as ‘anti-squat’ and ‘upper-shock linkage’, but we’re sure glad they’re here. The new Enduro is fast. It’s faster descending. Faster climbing. Faster sprinting. It’s fast, fast as….well, you get the idea.

Mmmmm, carbon

The new Enduro is available in a dreamy carbon-framed guise. We wanted to create the lightest, most badass enduro bike there is, and carbon allows us to do just that. It also allows us to tune the handling of the frame precisely – not so stiff that your fillings fall out and not so flexy that it feels like you’re riding a bike made from spaghetti. 

We’ve tuned the Enduro to provide just the right balance of stiffness, front and rear. Our Rider-First Engineered system allows us to create a precise carbon lay-up for each frame size so that every Enduro offers the same stellar ride quality, delivering that sweet spot with a rear-end that tracks accurately and a front end that steers like it’s on rails.

The carbon frame also allows us to install our clever SWAT storage system. Whether you jam it full of gummy bears or store tools in there, it’s a cunning and secure place for your mid-ride essentials.


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Choices, choices

We’ll have four Enduro models in stock soon. From the Enduro Comp right up to the range-topping S-Works Enduro each machine delivers just what you came for – an Enduro that is faster in every situation. There’s also a standalone S-Works frame available if you’re looking at building up your dream speed-machine from scratch.

The componentry is, as you’d expect, right from the top drawer. The Comp, with its four-piston disc brakes, a wide-range 1X drivetrain and highly capable RockShox suspension, offers incredible value for money, the best pound-for-pound fighter on the block.

The S-Works is positively dripping with top-level kit, dressed to kill and ready to rule the roost. The ultralight carbon suspension linkage, full Shimano XTR drivetrain, Fox Float Factory 36 front and DHX2 rear suspension and handbuilt Roval Traverse SL carbon wheels make up one hell of a machine. You gotta give this one a try!

Keep your eyes peeled for the new Enduro, hitting our stores soon. Be careful though – one look and you’re bound to be hooked!


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