Winter hi-vis essentials

Winter hi-vis essentials

Winter hi-vis essentials

The days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping so it’s time to make sure you’re well prepared for whatever winter might throw at you. Hi-vis fluoro clothing and accessories are a must-buy at this time of year. As cyclists, we want to maximise the amount of road we can see in the dark while also ensuring we remain visible to other road users. Here’s a short list of our best kit and lighting equipment to get you through winter safe and happy.


We have a vast selection of jackets and jerseys that are perfect for all-year-round comfort and performance. Everything from lightweight gilets for cooler summer weather to thermal pro-cut jackets with supreme insulation and hi-vis elements for the depths of winter. Most of our wind and rain jackets are lightweight and easy to stow in a rear pocket while riding. With a hi-vis wind- or waterproof jacket, you can enjoy the ride without having to worry about staying warm and visible.

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Deflect™ Reflect

Our pioneering Deflect™ material has been used to full effect in some of the best winter kit we have on offer. The Deflect™ Reflect Hybrid jackets may come at a high price, but it is a veritable Swiss army knife of a jacket, performing a handful of duties from protection to visibility. Anyone who has ridden throw a storm in a cheap rain jacket will know this is one place you just don’t cut corners. The material is wind- and water-resistant, lightweight and breathable. For optimised versatility, the sleeves are removable, turning it into a gilet, making it two pieces of kit in one stylish package. Its best feature is the use of SchoellerÆ fabric with 3MÆ reflective technology that takes millions of microscopic glass beads and permanently seals them into the fabric structure, increasing visibility when it encounters light. What’s more, it is a feature which will not wash out over time.

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Numb hands and feet make for pretty unpleasant cycling. The gloves and shoe covers you’ll need to keep warm provide a great opportunity to contribute to your visibility on the road. Your hands in particular should be as obvious as possible in order to keep you safe and your signalling intentions clear in all conditions. Pick hi-vis fluoro gloves with GoreÆ WINDSTOPPERÆ outer layers and lightweight THINSULATE™ insulation. Pair them with polyurethane-coated waterproof overshoes with reflective elements for maximum visibility in low light.

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Our Specialized lighting range offers the best of all possible worlds: performance, power and reliability in all light conditions, with entry-level models providing versatility for inner-city commuting. The Flux lights provide a beam as close to a car’s headlights as you can hope to find, offering excellent peripheral vision without risk of blinding others on the road. The Stix Combo, on the other hand, are a great addition to the commuter’s kit, offering all-round performance in both urban and rural conditions. Wide-angle beams, multiple modes including flashing and constant, and flexible mounting system make the Stix lights unparalleled at their price point. All the lights in the range are USB rechargeable and hold 60% more runtime capacity than previous iterations.

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