Thinking about whether or not you should buy a Specialized bike as the next addition to your personal fleet?

20 reasons never to buy Specialized

Thinking about whether or not you should buy a Specialized bike as the next addition to your personal fleet?

We’re here to save you from making a huge mistake, by telling you that this is absolutely the worst idea possible.

From the places, you can ride them, to the variety of different bike types available, to the number of things achieved by elite pros who also ride Specialized
machines… the whole thing is just a total disaster area. 

Don’t believe us?

Take a look at these reasons why you should NEVER buy a Specialized bike.

1. Their designs are soooo boring…

The Allez Sprint track frames designed by Dylan Buffington for Team Specialized/Rocket Espresso, intended to shine under the lights of the Red Hook Crit.

2. I mean, SNORE.

S-Works Crux waiting patiently at a CX World Cup event earlier this January.

3. They go to all the dullest places too

4. Really dull…

5. And their videos are so unexciting.


6. They’re not interested in inspiring and supporting a new generation…


7…or facilitating change.


8. People who ride Specialized have got no skills.

The Specialized Pitch being showcased on the streets of New York by BikeLife.

9. Zero skillz

10. Their accessories are not smart at all. by=iamspecialized

11. They don’t know how to put together a decent mountain bike.

12. They haven’t got a clue what makes an incredible bikepacking rig…


13. Nobody riding Specialized ever wins anything…

14. Nope, nada… by=quickstep_team

15. They’re not interested in challenging conventions…

Did someone say performance e-bike?

16…or innovating.


17. You can’t look cool while riding a Specialized bike.

18. And world champions definitely don’t ride Specialized…


20…well, almost never.

Still not convinced by our super serious list of reasons not to buy a Specialized bike?

If you absolutely must, head over to our store to browse the full range of Specialized road, mtb, adventure and e-bikes.

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