Mission control unpacked

Mission control unpacked

Mission control unpacked

When you ride a Specialized electric bike, you want to know that you can get the most out of the journey. That’s where Mission Control comes in. Available on the App Store and Google Play, Mission Control is our turbo specific app that is designed from the ground up to help your e-bike consistently perform at its best.

Specialized turbo bikes are fast, economical and reliable thanks to the Mission Control which allows a rider to fully tune their ride. Connecting via Bluetooth, the app lets you customise the motor settings to your ride style, record, save and analyse rides, control your range with Smart Control and diagnose any potential issues. Compatible with our entire turbo range, whether you’re grinding up gravel on a Turbo Creo SL, shredding trails on a Turbo Kenevo or navigating the city on board a Turbo Como, Mission Control will make the most out of your ride.

Below is a handy video introduction to the app, its many benefits and how to use it out on the trails.

Let’s take a look at some of Mission Control’s features in a little more detail.


A key feature to Mission Control is its tuning settings. This means that each mode can be dialled to support your style of riding. The assisted riding modes on the app are:

  • ECO – matches your effort up to 30% of motor’s power
  • TRAIL – matches your effort up to 60% of motor’s power
  • TURBO – matches your effort up to 100% of motor’s power (the full 240 watts)

The tuneable features customise the motor with settings like support, peak power and responsiveness. Support is the amount of motor assistance you get corresponding to your own pedalling input. The higher the support, the more motor power supplied to assist the power from your legs. However, it’ll come as no surprise that the more you turn this up, the quicker the battery will be consumed. Peak power is simply the power output for each mode. It uses the built-in torque sensor to provide the amount of support you want depending on your input. The lower the peak power, the longer the range.

The Levo and Kenevo bikes have additional tuning features that you can read more about here.


Initially it can be tricky to get your head around how the different ride styles work, but after some test rides and tuning you will quickly learn how your bike rides under different settings. From here you can then create, name and customise your own ride presets. This makes beginning a ride infinitely easier as you can simply switch to your own presets such as ‘day-long ride’, ‘super eco’, ‘pocket rocket’, etc.

Smart Control

Smart Control is a super helpful feature of Mission Control as it automatically handles battery management for you. It allows you to adjust the motor and battery output based on how long your ride will be, making sure that the battery lasts the distance and doesn’t die on you unexpectedly. You can set Smart Control according to duration, distance or heart rate and then tune the ride length, elevation and climb response. The motor will then assess your input and adjust the power settings accordingly. Another useful element is the battery remaining feature, which should ideally be set at 10% so that you know you’ll always have a little power left. This means you can have as much fun on your e-bike without worrying about it making the distance.

Recording rides

One of the coolest features built into Mission Control is the map and ride option. This is compatible with Strava and allows you to record your route, speed, distance, time etc. all within the same app. You can then mount your phone on your bike and follow these metrics if you so desire. This feature is particularly useful for our town e-bikes, the Como and Vado.


You can also get instant feedback on the health of your bike via Diagnose. This feature gives you an overview of the motor, system and battery health and guides you through running diagnostics if there is an error. It is a very handy feature as you can also use it to update your system over the air.

For more on diagnostics, click here.

To find out more about the Specialized bikes that utilise the Mission Control app, come down to one of our stores. Speak to one of our friendly staff members and learn all about the innovations we are making at Specialized. If you need any more information on the app, head to the FAQs section of the Specialized site.

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