Cold weather gear to keep you riding through winter!

Cold weather gear to keep you riding through winter!

Cold weather gear to keep you riding through winter!

Now that autumn is well and truly here, you will have noticed at least a slight nip in the air on your rides. But before you reach for the woolly hats, or stay inside to turbo train until spring, why not consider layering your way to comfort outside. You don’t have to look like the Michelin man to stay warm this season. Layering with technical fabrics can keep you warm and dry whether you’re doing laps of the trail centre, or heading out for some quality hours on the road. 

Shorts weather?

We all know a rider who wears shorts year-round, insisting that it’s always shorts weather, even as the temperature dips below five degrees – maybe you’re that rider! But for those who don’t want to end up with purple knees, there are ways to keep you warm out on the bike this year. 

For the mountain bike, consider trousers. With our 2021 Trail Pant, you can still fit knee pads and shin pads underneath, but they provide more coverage than shorts. These trousers use VaporRize™ fabrics, which make them durable, stretchy and water repellant. 

If you are insistent that shorts are the way forward, then perhaps consider tights underneath. They give you the same flexibility as shorts, but you don't feel as exposed as our roadie friends as you can wear shorts over the top. Specialized's Therminal™ Mountain Bib Knickers with SWAT™ are perfect for late autumn and chilly early spring rides with our technical thermal fabrics. But this doesn't mean they don't wick sweat – quite the contrary, in fact, with the loft inside the insulation which pulls moisture away from the skin. They come with a chamois pad so they replace your usual padded liners. 

For road cyclists, bib tights are a key piece of kit. Our Therminal RBX Comp Bib Tight comes with luxurious Lombardia Fleece which allows for two-way stretch without compromising the thermal properties – perfect for those long winter training rides.


A coat for the core

Just like your lower body, your upper body needs to stay warm to keep you comfortable on the bike. It's probably more important to keep your core and arms warm as you don't move these parts nearly as much as your legs, and your core is responsible for your position on the bike. All good layering begins with a base layer. The first layer, and hidden underneath your jersey and jacket, it's the contact patch with your skin. Our Specialized long sleeve base layers keep you warm and cosy but wick the sweat away to stop you from getting cold as the moisture cools. Choose from merino wool or Prolen yarn depending on your preference. 

As for mid-layers, a long sleeve jersey is the perfect addition to your cold weather outfit, either for the trail or the road. Our Therminal RBX Sport Logo LS Jersey offers thermal protection, great for taking the chill off early rides, but the hydrophilic treatment means moisture is wicked away keeping you cool when the intensity rises. 

No matter what bike you ride, it’s always a good idea to take a jacket along as a backup plan. Try as we might, it's really hard to predict the weather, so it's best to be prepared. Our Trail Alpha Jacket is ideal for early morning rides or just standing around in the pits, and its casual style lends itself to looking good on and off the bike. For road cyclists, as well as keeping warm and dry, staying visible is key in these darker months. The Specialized Deflect™ Reflect H20 Jacket means you'll be seen easier with the reflective pattern, and its waterproof, breathable membrane protects you from the elements. 

Goodbye, frozen fingers

Areas that can be easily overlooked are your extremities, which are perhaps most susceptible to the cold – if you let your hands and feet freeze, your ride will fast become a nightmare. The last thing you want or need is for your fingers to get so cold that you can't even pull the brake lever. Protect yourself with some winter gloves, such as our Neoshell Thermal Gloves. They use a Polartec® Neoshell® upper to keep your hands clear of the cold and chilly wind. They're also sleek and streamlined, so there’s no risk of feeling like a lobster trying to change gear. 

Warmers are also a wise investment at this time of year. There are plenty to choose from, including leg or knee-length, and the all-important arm warmers. Our Therminal Warmer range uses plush Lombardia fleece to keep your limbs cosy without restricting their movement on the bike, while an elastic band at the top helps to keep the warmers in place so they don't fall as you ride. 

If dressing for winter isn’t your forte, why not visit one of our Concept Stores where our knowledgeable team can help pick out some key pieces to keep you warm and dry in the colder months. Find your local store here.

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