Specialized SWAT is all about carrying everything you need for your race or ride in the most efficient way possible.

What is Specialized SWAT storage ?

Specialized is founded on performance and fuelled by innovation. Working for the rider, regardless of level or background, we’ve always been about making the experience of riding bikes as good as it can possibly be, optimising efficiency and turning innovation into improved performance. With that in mind, one of our most universal technologies is the SWAT™ storage system compatible with many of our bikes and clothing.

What is SWAT™ technology?

The SWAT™ technology came about after years of grudgingly having to carry a bag around or stuffing our pockets to bursting point with tubes and pumps. All our SWAT™ compatible frames and apparel are a revolution in utility, capable of carrying everything you might need for on-the-go repairs or energy refuelling. The tech provides easy and intuitive storage for tubes, pumps, multitools, nutrition and hydration. Everything you need, right where you want it.

Where will you find it?

For mountain bikers, we’ve made SWAT™ technology a hallmark component of our designs. At the most basic level, we’ve made sure that every single model is able to house a water bottle somewhere on the frame, so gone are the days of a sweaty hydration pack. Where it gets exciting is in the carbon frames of certain models which feature anything from frame-mounted EMT multi-tools, top cap chain tools or even the hassle-free SWAT™ door in the down tube.

As for the roadies amongst you, we’ve made the Roubaix, Ruby and Diverge compatible with the SWAT™ road kit that sits neatly in the angle between seat and down tube. It’s no coincidence that these happen to be our endurance machines, that is, those bikes which demand to be pedalled for whole days over energy-consuming distances and tube-chomping terrains. By rolling out the SWAT™ technology, we’ve freed up your jersey pockets so you can stuff in as many flapjacks or extra layers as you could possibly need.


OUR PRICE £3400.00


OUR PRICE £3040.00

Nobody likes the feeling of a sweaty back when you’re trying to shred the trails on the mountain bike. With SWAT™ equipped clothing like the Mountain Liner Bib Shorts, you get a patent-pending design that integrates essentials pockets into the shorts, sitting flush to the body and shaped so that their contents won’t bounce around. 


If you’ve got a SWAT™-prepped Roubaix, Ruby or Diverge, you’ll get a compact road kit to store all your essentials including multi-tool, CO2 twist head, inner tube, valve extender and even a money clip.

But you don’t have to own one of these bikes to benefit from SWAT™ technology. The Rib Cage II is designed to accommodate an EMT Cage Mount Tool with all the capabilities to get you out of a roadside jam. Sleek, lightweight and aerodynamic, this neat piece of kit is an essential bike accessory for the discerning cyclist.


OUR PRICE £16.10


OUR PRICE £48.00


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  • Steve Webber Friday, 17th November 2017

    I am considering buying a Roubaix Expert 2018 model from my local Specialized store. The model I have seen in the store which is black and red has a very noticeable weld seam running along the top of the top tube. Is this normal? I was told that the black is raw carbon not painted and all bikes are like this? Kind regards, Steve Webber

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