Crux Cross Season is Close

Crux Cross Season is Close

Crux Cross Season is Close

The cyclocross scene is strong in Europe, with some of the most aggressive and successful racers hailing from Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Italy and the Czech Republic. But it's enjoying a massive boom in the US and Australia, along with a renaissance in the UK.  

Man-made barriers, usually 18in high, pepper the course, sometimes staggered close enough to force racers to shoulder their bikes or carry them by the top tube. Speed demons with incredible BMX skills have been known to bunny hop the barriers, much to the chagrin of their fellow racers but awe of the spectators.

This sport also involves lots and lots of mud. You will never have tasted as much dirt on your tongue, be so out of breath running with a bike on your shoulder or spent so much time cleaning the mud from your clothing and various other places.

But this is why we love it and this is why you need a Crux.

New re-vamp for 2018: 

The Specialized CruX is their dedicated race machine for cyclocross competition. It is one of the models which has benefited from a design overhaul for the new season, moving away from its former status as a “do it all” off roader. Now featuring our Rider-First Engineered™ technology for optimised performance across the whole size range, the frame has also been on a bit of a diet, now proudly one of the lightest production CX models on the market. Race-ready and more lively than ever, the Specialized CruX is more than prepared to take on the 2017-18 CX season.

Never be left behind or wanting more. This is the bike to help you enjoy the mayhem and help you win!

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