Diverge STR, the new benchmark

Diverge STR, the new benchmark

Diverge STR, the new benchmark

The exciting thing about a relatively youthful cycling discipline like gravel is the boundless creativity. This is a sector where the pure performance and reliability of Specialized engineering can be creatively expressed on a blank canvas. That’s exactly what the Diverge STR does. The new benchmark bike over rough terrain, we reimagined how we look at a gravel bike and instead of suspending the bike, provided suspension for the rider. What this results in is a more confident, comfortable ride with an increase in control and efficiency while decreasing fatigue and weight of the build. 

You have to see the new front and rear Future Shock technology in action to believe it. 

The specs 

We will get onto the intricate details that make this bike so special but first let’s dive into the specs on the range’s flagship model, the S-Works Diverge STR. Built with SRAM Red eTap AXS Eagle groupset with a 10-50 cassette and a Quarq power meter, fast, reliable shifting and measurable power is guaranteed, delivering all day efficient performance for bike and rider. The most capable gravel machine ever, the bike is equipped with super light Roval Terra CLX II wheels with 42mm Tracer Pro tyres, Terra carbon bars, an S-Works carbon seatpost and the form-mimicking S-Works Power with Mirror saddle. Basically, this bike flies on the rough stuff. 

Who better to try out the bike’s capabilities than 2021 Tour of Flanders champion Kasper Asgreen?

Crafted by nature

The Diverge STR takes its inspiration from the Eureka Canyon in California. This was where, while sending it down the rough stuff, Specialized Concept Engineers had a brainwave to suspend the rider and not the wheel. This is because as a rider, we can suspend ourselves over the bike and contort our bodies to provide continuous stability. However, this is labour intensive and takes a lot of concentration, so with the new suspension system, the rider retains the instant acceleration and stability just this time in the saddle. 

Wait, what’s this, a rear Future Shock?

The first thing that immediately stands out on the Diverge STR is the all-new rear, yes rear, Future Shock. This new system provides 30mm of travel, boosts your control and capability while retaining the efficiency of a rigid frame. The frame post acts as the spring, the damper controls the travel and the tendon brings it all together. Even when you’re putting huge watts through the pedals and would be expecting to be bucking around like a bull, you’re comfortable and in control. This hydraulic damping eliminates this “bobbing” to ensure stability across all surfaces. The rear shock is also completely tuneable to rider specification and has on-the-fly adjustability with the rear triangle even having dropper post compatibility. A new era of suspension.

Future Shock 2.0

The front Future Shock was originally designed for the cobbled classics, but it has thrived on our gravel bikes and 2.0 brings 20mm of travel to the party to keep you in control of the front end while protecting your hands, arms and shoulders. The hydraulic damping smooths out the rough and reduces vibration at the saddle by over 20%, which is a huge part of the reason why the Diverge STR is all about all-day adventuring. 

A frame for all seasons

The S-Works Diverge STR benefits from the incredible quality of its Fact 11r carbon frame. More compliant than any drop bar bike we have ever made, the frame adds 100 grams compared to the S-Works Diverge and delivers a bike that can be explored on, raced on and even loaded to the gills with Fjällräven adventure accessories.

A new definition to capability 

There’s an absurd amount of capability on the Diverge STR. More clearance is provided by a 47mm tyre on a 700c wheel and 2.1” on 650B with internal SWAT™ storage putting everything you need on a ride inside the frame and not weighing down your pockets.

Making a classy ride even classier

You need the right shoes for gravel riding in these autumnal UK conditions and the new Recon 3.0 shoes are perfect for this time of year. With Body Geometry comfort and STRIDE toe-flex that allows your foot to move freely in the pedals whilst still providing ample power output, they are ideal for dirt crunching rides. Pair them with an S-Works Prevail 3 and our Prime collection and you have the perfect gravel look.

Want to get your gravel story going? Head to your local Specialized Concept Store, where our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help you find the perfect off-road bike for you. No matter what your trail, there is adventure around every turn and with the Diverge STR, the options for discovery become limitless. Click here to find your nearest store.

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