E-lectrify your Ride with the all new Levo

E-lectrify your Ride with the all new Levo

E-lectrify your Ride with the all new Levo

More e-Bike than ever before, the 2019 Turbo Levo has just got a major upgrade. Further, faster, lighter and more fun, the time of the e-Bike has arrived


So what are the main differences of this Levo compared to the 2018 generation?


  • Completely new frame design taking queues from the 2019 Stumpjumper. This includes a single sided swing arm (which also incorporates the new wiring system) and a slimmer overall design, meaning the frames are almost 800g lighter. Specialized have also managed to make them even stiffer too.

    A New ultralight, magnesium-bodied Specialized 2.1 motor amplifies your input by up to 410% with absolutely no awkward surges in power. 15% smaller, and 11% lighter than previous generation. No lurch. No “I really hope this thing will stop” motor jumps. Specialized engineers in Switzerland devoted years, literally, to making this a reality by creating custom software that drives the most cutting-edge motor in its class. And it’s all exclusive to the Levo—a motor that provides an incredibly smooth and natural boost to your own pedaling efforts.
    Increased battery capacity by 40%, courtesy of the most advanced lithium-ion technology out there and a new 700W battery. The Levo now gets more distance out of every full charge, so you’ll never have to worry about getting caught on the trail without enough juice to get you home. The Smart Control feature, available with the Specialized Mission Control App, lets you set the Turbo Levo’s power assist to last for either the duration of your ride or until you reach a point you’ve defined yourself.
    All Levos ship with 29x2.6" wheels/tires. This gives riders a lot more confidence as well as increased grip and faster rolling once up to speed. All Levo’s are boost compatible, so can also run 27.5+ tyres.
    New ‘Shuttle Mode’ added. With this new mode activated, the rider easily gets full motor support when pedaling in a higher cadence with less torque (= leg power). Generally speaking, with Shuttle Mode on, the motor delivers high power in the most typical riding cadences above 50rpm. As a result, riders who prefer to spin in a high cadence with less leg power are now able to get maximum motor support. In addition, the Shuttle Mode gives full support with less leg power when starting from a standstill, e.g. at a set of traffic lights.

There are many other new features found on the 2019 Levo, but you will enjoy these as a surprise when you see one in the flesh.


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