First look: Turbo Kenevo

First look: Turbo Kenevo

First look: Turbo Kenevo

Since the release of the original Turbo, Specialized has been at the forefront of the e-MTB market, constantly looking for ways to enhance the trail-riding experience for all. The all-new Turbo Kenevo picks up where the ground-breaking Turbo Levo left off, and adds more travel, providing the freedom to ride steeper, rougher, and gnarlier trails than ever before.

New Motor

The Kenevo was born out of a desire to take on the world’s most exhilarating descents without, no holds barred, without the need to drive back up the mountain time after time for the privilege. That’s where the Kenevo comes into its own. Our pedal-assisted Specialized 1.3 Rx Trail-tuned motor is, quite simply, the most advanced system ever fitted to a mountain bike. It offers a 15% increase in power compared to our previous motor, which comes from new neodymium magnets, new electronics, and a new dynamic river control unit. All this gives you the option of leaving the truck in the car park, and riding back up to the start of your lap, without wasting too much valuable energy. Plus, it’s all controllable from your smartphone, with our exclusive Mission Control App putting the ability to manage motor and battery output at your fingertips, rendering extinct the dreaded inconvenient dead battery.


One would be forgiven for presuming that to produce a bike capable of such awesome power, sacrifices would have to be made in other departments. However, no such compromises have been made with the Kenevo. A whopping 180mm of travel is built into the burly aluminium frame, making it more than capable of eating up the choppiest terrain and steepest gradients, in either direction. The frame is equipped with a custom Öhlins coil rear shock and a Wu dropper seat post which changes the seat angle incrementally as it drops. Put simply, the component choices made for this new machine open the door to environments in which other e-MTBs cannot cope. As aggressive downhill as it is powerful uphill, there’s no better all-trail, all-weather e-MTB out there.


Innovative in all respects, the Kenevo features seamless connectivity between bike, rider and whatever 3rd party gadgets you trust to guide you on your adventures. Tucked away on the handlebars is the Trail Remote, allowing you to toggle between the four engine modes – and a walk assist – on the fly. The integrated motor and battery system is fully compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth, meaning you can hook it up to your computer of choice and customise your display to suit your tastes. You’ll have as much information as you like, right there in front of you, meaning you won’t even have to look at the Trail Display on the battery for information if you don’t want to. Add all this to the unparalleled ride and the result is a complete e-MTB designed with rider in mind.

Formidable, powerful, uncompromising; the Kenevo is a game-changer. Now you can get your hands on one of the most adrenaline-inducing machines money can buy, and spend less time shuttling and more time on the trails.


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