Specialized 2020 Winter Kit

Specialized 2020 Winter Kit

Specialized 2020 Winter Kit

In a heartbeat, it feels like we’ve rapidly moved from late summer into autumn. Since the clocks changed last weekend the temperatures have taken a definite downward turn – frosty morning commutes and chilly toes have made their inevitable return.


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It can be tempting at this time of year to give in, to say to your bike, “See ya next year!” and hibernate until the warmer weather returns. But to do that would be to miss out on some of the best riding you can have – those crisp rides surrounded by the vibrant colours of autumn, the chilly winter days when the coffee and cake taste so much better, early spring rides in deserted forests… With the right clothing, you can keep riding right through the colder months, and you’ll feel a whole lot better if you do.

Winter miles, summer smiles

There’s a good bit of wisdom in this old nugget. Keep riding through the winter, even if it’s as little as your weekly spin to the café, and you’ll definitely feel the benefits come spring. No one ever won an early-season bike race after a winter of mince pies, after all. Cav knows what we’re talking about…


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First and foremost you need to ensure your core remains warm and dry in the cold weather – do that and even the worst Mother Nature can throw at you won’t slow you down. Our fleece-lined jackets provide all the warmth you need, while the technical fabrics allow heat to escape when you’re working hard so you don’t start to boil from the inside.


Don’t let your lower half suffer, though. Treat your pins to the comfort of some warm bib tights and you’ll be snug as the proverbial bug. With a warm core and your legs protected from the elements, it’s up to you to decide when you go home, not the weather.

OK. Sometimes it does get really cold…!


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We’ve had some pretty epic winters recently in the UK. Remember the Beast from the East? If like us, you kept riding through that particular storm it’s hard to forget it. An additional waterproof and thermal jacket was just the ticket for us then, and our latest Element and Deflect jackets are perfect for when the inevitable happens again. 

The Deflect Jacket with SWAT is designed with mountain bikers in mind. It’s water and wind-resistant, breathable too, and the abrasion-resistant panels create a durable, hardwearing jacket. The integrated hood is designed to go beneath your helmet, adding a little extra protection for when the conditions get really foul. Worn over the Therminal Mountain Jersey you’ll be as warm and cosy as you need to be.

Warm, top to toe

You can be as protected as you like from the elements, but cold toes can really put an end to your fun. The Thermocool yarn used in our new winter socks keeps your little piggies warm and eliminates moisture, and the extra length means your ankles and lower calves are snug too. Wear them with shorts or, on those really cold days, beneath bib tights, and your feet will thank you.

A good 10% or so of your body heat escapes through your head, and on the coldest rides you can still feel chilly even when you’re wearing everything you own. For these days we’ve designed the Element Underhelmet. Made from warm Lombardia fleece and with a windproof membrane and ear coverage it provides a comfy layer to wear beneath your helmet and retain all that warmth.


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We’re still a while away from the really cold weather, but it pays to make sure you’re prepared. It’s better to have the right kit before you need it, not after, believe us! Head down to your local Specialized Concept Store – we’re fully stocked for the winter.


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