Get your bike checked for free this winter!

Get your bike checked for free this winter!

Get your bike checked for free this winter!

At this time of year, cyclists in the UK need all the help they can get to keep their beloved bikes rolling. Bad weather, dirt and debris all take their toll on the smooth-functioning of your bicycle’s components – and so it’s no wonder that winter is the peak time for breakdowns and part failures. 

Aside from chucking your bike on a plane and heading for sunnier climes like the professionals, there isn’t much you can do to limit the impact of winter weather on your bike. However, Specialized Concept Stores around the UK are offering free ‘winter health checks’ for cyclists to bring their bike into store to have it checked over for parts that are showing signs of wear. At a time when your components are particularly under strain, getting an early warning of which are closest to failure can be invaluable – and could help avert a ruined ride when the part does eventually give out. It’s always better to replace in advance, rather than once catastrophe occurs, after all! 

Whether you need new tires, basic lubrication or some nuts and bolts tightening, our in-store team will highlight this for you and recommend the best ways you can stay safe and have a great riding experience this winter.

You’d be forgiven for assuming this deal would only be open to Specialized owners, but as it’s the season of giving our stores are opening their arms to riders of all brands of bikes. You also don’t need to book to make use of this amazing winter offer, just drop into any of the Specialized Concept Stores mentioned below and let the in-store team know you’re there for a winter health check. In the cases of Chester and Harrogate, please call ahead to let the store know you’re coming. 

Participating stores:

  • Bristol Concept Store
  • Plymouth Concept Store
  • Birmingham Concept Store
  • Newbury Concept Store
  • Nottingham Concept Store
  • Ruislip Concept Store
  • Chester Concept Store (Call ahead)
  • Harrogate Concept Store (Call ahead)
  • Norwich Concept Store
  • Chelmsford Concept Store

The free winter health check is being offered now, and will be available until 20th March 2023.

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