Head First

Head First

Head First

In 2022, Specialized completely updated their Trail helmet range, releasing the Camber, Ambush 2 and Tactic 4.


With the Camber being aimed towards the more casual off-road rider, who is still looking for a great fit and incredible safety features, the helmet comes in a large range of sizes from XS to XL, to fit riders of all ages.  Weight: 370 grams for a medium.

Tactic IIII

The new Tactic is a helmet designed for that all-day rider, with goggle/glass integration, great ventilation, and adjustments for the perfect fit. Branded the ‘do-it-all’ helmet, the Tactic weighs in at 380 grams (for a medium) and sits in between the Ambush and Camber in the model ranges.

Ambush II

Finally, the Ambush, a helmet which was fully redesigned from the previous generation. Featuring optimized dual-density EPS foam which reduces weight, SBC Integrated Fit System for the perfect fit and Computational Fluid Dynamic design to help with airflow. The Ambush 2 is perfect for any trail rider. Weight: 360 grams for a medium.


This update has created a helmet for everyone, with all helmets featuring MIPS technology and ANGI compatibility. These helmets give you the confidence that you will have significant protection in the case of a crash, no matter the terrain.

Having used the Ambush 2 for around a year now, in a variety of weather from UK winter to the summer heat, this helmet has been perfect for all conditions. Being well ventilated in the summer to allow airflow whilst not being unpleasant and exposing to the elements come the middle of winter. With a comfortable fit thanks to the integrated fit system, this has been the most comfortable trail helmet I’ve used.


Whilst the visor isn’t adjustable, which might not suit everyone, as an adjustable visor allows you to block the sun out of your eyes where necessary. However, this fixed peak never bothered me and I preferred the visor being out of your main line of sight when riding. This, along with how comfy the helmet is, means you find yourself forgetting you’re even wearing a helmet sometimes!

The cost of the helmet at £150 isn’t the cheapest for a trail lid, although on the other side of that, it does come with all the main features you would want with MIPS, integrated fit system, secure goggles and glass storage, impressive ventilation and a good head coverage with the helmet coming down the back of your head quite far. So, whilst not the cheapest option out there, the features and fit of the helmet more than makeup for this.

Blog supplied by: Alex from our sister store at Specialized Chelmsford store.

{Camber: 108363, 108383, 108388, 108368, 108378, 108393}

{Tactic: 45927, 45936, 45924, 45930, 45939, 45933}

{Ambush: 108404, 108413, 108407, 108410, 163743, 224123}

{Gambit: 56871, 56868 ,224097}

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