When it comes to triathlon, aerodynamics are truly everything and the secret is integration. When you start taping on gels, fixing bottles and flat kits to the frame, you’re left with a whopping aero encumbrance that’s only going to slow you down. The new Shiv has solved that and more.

Introducing the new S-Works Shiv Disc


When it comes to triathlon, aerodynamics are truly everything and the secret is integration. When you start taping on gels, fixing bottles and flat kits to the frame, you’re left with a whopping aero encumbrance that’s only going to slow you down. On the new Shiv Disc, we’ve added extensive storage to help you store all those extra essentials, but without any extra drag – now you can reach those top speeds and hold them.

Conquering Kona

As the biggest race on the triathlon calendar, the Kona Ironman – in Hawaii on 13th October – is the metric against which we always test our fastest machines. Back in 2011, our first-generation Shiv set the course record, becoming the fastest bike that Kona had ever seen. Fast forward seven years and the Shiv is there yet again, but this time in the form of the Shiv Disc, the new fastest bike that Kona has ever seen. It’s close to a minute faster than the 2011 Shiv over the 112-mile Kona bike course – a minute might not sound like much over that distance, but if you’ve ever gone flat out to achieve a PB and then tried to break it, you’ll know how significant a whole minute can be.

The new Shiv Disc has been built with the Kona course at the forefront of its design. Everything, right down to the slight changes in weather experienced on the island, has been accounted for in its revolutionary build. As crosswinds are common over the course, the nose cone, fork and seat tube have all been optimised for such gusty conditions, ensuring the lowest drag possible while also helping to keep the bike planted and handling smooth.

The crosswind-optimised forks are perhaps the most striking feature on the new Shiv. Extending all the way from the wheel axles to the bars, they bypass the jutting headtube to create an incredibly unique look. It’s a look that is also incredibly fast – these aero, blade-like forks dramatically reducing drag.

Integration is everything

In long races like the Kona Ironman, fuelling and hydration are key. However, finding a place to store all your fluids and gels can prove quite a problem, particularly if your pockets are packed with other essentials or you’re trying to limit drag. With that in mind, we’ve added two cavernous Fuel cells to the frame, dramatically improving carrying capacity without negatively affecting the aerodynamics.

The hydration Fuelcell sits on the rear, a giant aerofoil structure that extends right from the lowered seat stays to the seat post. It may look like a billowing sail from a Spanish Armada warship, but this Fuelcell will certainly not slow you down. In fact, it improves the aerodynamics and makes the bike even faster. It can carry up to 50 ounces (1.4 litres) of fluid and has an easy-to-route hose leading to the cockpit, allowing you to quench your thirst without compromising your aero position.

With space to store up to 10-12 gels, 4-5 bars or 5-6 chews, the nutrition Fuelcell integrates seamlessly into the downtube, so much that you wouldn’t even know it was there. With a ton of fuel at your fingertips, you can bid farewell to aid stations and really focus on the race at hand, maintaining your aero position while using the nutrition that you know works for you.

It’s the little things

While the new Shiv Disc may look radically different, it is kitted out with a wealth of little-hidden features that make it incredibly easy to live with. The cockpit is customisable with the bars adjustable to three different positions, with pad stack (up to 115mm) and reach also modifiable. This helps you to adopt a much more aggressive and aero position, no matter your body type.

Knowing well that these bikes will travel the globe, we made sure that flying with the Shiv Disc would be incredibly simple. The bike features a neat ‘pack mode’ which enables it to slim down and easily be stowed away simply by loosening just five bolts. No cockpits, brakes or cables have to be removed, just tighten up the five bolts when you unpack, and the Shiv will be race-ready in the exact same position you left it in – no tape measures or DIY markings necessary.

Hot stock

Only 500 individually numbered Shiv Disc bikes have been released and the first six have already been reserved by our athletes debuting the bike in Kona. To get your hands on one of the last 494, make sure you reserve one now using the link here or by visiting your local Specialized retailer to reserve in person. Bear in mind though, that this revolutionary Shiv Disc is not UCI-legal so will not serve as a road time trial bike. Don’t expect to see your favourite Tour de France pros winning prologues on this hot-rod any time soon.

This limited edition Shiv Disc will be available for order until October 31st, so be sure to jump on the bandwagon now before it leaves you behind – yes, it is that fast.



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