Local Mountain Bike trails: Bristol

Local Mountain Bike trails: Bristol

Local Mountain Bike trails: Bristol

There aren’t many cities where good singletrack can be found within a short ride from the city centre, Bristol, however, does offer such riding. From our Specialized Concept Store near Ikea, it’s possible to get to some sweet singletrack in about half an hour. Here’s your guide to getting off-road in Bristol.

Leigh Woods

Finished in 2012 by Architrail, it's an all weather mountain bike trail. It’s only about 4 km long, but when combined with other trails, it’s more than worth a visit. It’s accessed from North Road, which is in the village of Leigh Woods, and just a 3 minute ride from the majestic Clifton Suspension Bridge. The majority of the trail is only a blue grade, but when ridden at speed, it becomes more challenging. It does include optional red graded sections, which have a ‘chicken run’ for riders who like smoother trails. The red sections will more than keep you challenged with drops, off camber sections and rock gardens. There are many informal trails throughout Leigh Woods too which means that you can explore and discover some great descents.

Ashton Court

This legendary trail started life as a rider-built trail, about 5 minutes ride from Leigh Woods. In 2011 it was transformed into hard pack trail which copes well with the heavy downpours which we suffer in the UK. Again the majority of the 10 km trail is a fairly low grade in terms of technicality, but it flows smoothly, and has some great red sections. The red section has some good drops and rock garden which would test an enduro bike nicely, and the design of the trail means that particular section can be sessioned over and over again. There’s a café at the golf course too which supplies great flapjacks and tea for after.

50 Acre Woods

As an addition to Ashton Court or Leigh woods there is a half hour long add-on, in the form of 50 Acre. It offers natural trails, and by natural we mean that they become fairly waterlogged in the wet. 50 Acre is only a half hour add on, but it’s well worth the effort for the natural trail beauty you experience there. We’ve seen loads of wildlife there if that’s your thing.

Ashton Hill Plantation

If you like loads of big jumps and road gaps; you’re in for a treat. Accessed from the B3129 on the southern side of the village of Failand (about 15 minutes ride from Ashton Court) Ashton Hill Plantation offers trails for you downhillers and jump bike riders. All the trails are only around three minutes long, but it’s a great social place to hang out and session with mates, and a big choice of trails means you’ll be sessioning for an afternoon at least. Most riders wear full face helmets and armour for this beast!

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