Roval wheels to take your bike to the next level

Roval wheels to take your bike to the next level

Roval wheels to take your bike to the next level

When upgrading your bike, one of the most important changes you can make is switching out your shop-ready wheelset for a performance pair. They might not be the most aesthetically pleasing upgrade at first but this change-up can make a huge difference to your riding. A better set of wheels will most likely be lighter, have a more balanced rotation weight, accelerate quicker and be more aerodynamic. In short: more impactful than other bike upgrades you can make, so it’s a no-brainer.

Want to feel the same wheel performance benefits that carried Remco Evenepoel to Vuelta and Worlds domination and helped the Specialized Factory Racing MTB rip down every trail this season? Look no further than our range of Roval wheels. Developed by talented engineers and tested by the world’s best professionals, these wheels enhance the ride of every bike and will take you to that next level.

Rapide CLX

The winningest wheelset in the WorldTour since 2020, the Rapide CLX line really will give you a speed boost. Combining the aerodynamics of a deep section time trial wheel with the weight of a shallow climbing wheel, while tubeless-ready for efficiency and handling, the Rapide CLX II will make a huge difference to your performance. Stability is factored in with different shapes to the front and rear rims to work better in crosswinds, and AeroFlange hubs have been aerodynamically optimised with wide bracing angles for increased strength and reduced spoke weight. All in all, the Rapide CLX II is a wheelset that guarantees results. 


When it comes to lightweight clincher wheels to boost your performance in the mountains, nothing comes close to the Alpinist CLX II. Alpinist in name and in nature, the wheels foster hyper-responsive acceleration out of hairpins and over rough roads thanks to the tubeless system. Designed by engineers taking every factor into account, testing each system and developing alongside Specialized tubeless tyres, the result is an eye-wateringly light 1250 gram wheelset.


Roval’s flagship wheel, the super-light, incredibly tough Terra CL range is perfect for both road and gravel riders. A lightweight 33mm deep carbon fibre ring instantly brings down the weight of your bike and the tubeless-ready setup means that the wheel can take tyres from 28mm to 47mm at whatever pressure you feel like riding. All in the name of accessibility and durability, the Terra CL is the perfect do-it-all wheel and is the ideal upgrade to your winter or commuter bike if you are looking for a lighter build that won’t compromise on robustness.

Disc brake ready 

The majority of the Roval road wheelsets we’ve profiled do of course also come disc brake ready. A little weightier than rim brakes but with all-year, all-surface reliability, these types of wheels are crucial when riding in the UK. With great brake modulation and power in every condition, it’s not just the weight of wheels that makes a big difference to your performance. Aerodynamically optimised in wind tunnels, the disc-specific rims mean that you ditch the brake track so get a stronger, more impact-resistant rim. This isn’t just the case of simply changing the hub, a redesigned carbon layup focuses on stiffness while keeping the weight as close as possible to their rim brake counterparts.

A wheel for every trail

It’s not just on the road that you will feel the performative benefits of a new wheelset, it’s just as important on a mountain bike. At the weight that racers dream of, these wheelsets break the mould in the MTB world and provide ample amounts of puncture protection too. With Roval wheels fitting every off-road bike from a 29er to fat bikes with 27.5 in between, there really is a wheelset for every rider. 

Need to make a crucial component change to your bike? Why not start with a Roval wheelset? To find out more about all the kit and tech mentioned in this article, come down to one of our stores, and see for yourself how your bike’s performance can improve with a just a simple change. Speak to one of our friendly staff members and get inspired to take on any two-wheeled challenge atop a new set of wheels.

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