Specialized bikes and kit reviews - round up

Specialized bikes and kit reviews - round up

Specialized bikes and kit reviews - round up

Everyone loves a little appreciation for their craft and bike brands are no different. Every year, we strive to improve the machines emblazoned with the iconic big red ‘S’, and if they garner praise from professionals and amateurs alike, then we’ve done our job. Check out just a few of the recent reviews to hit the airwaves:

2018 Specialized CruX Elite 1X

Just in time for the start of the ‘cross season proper, the reviews are coming in for our all-new 2018 Specialized CruX. We know that it is a lighter and faster model than we’ve ever produced, but now it’s common knowledge. BikeRadar got their hands on the Elite 1X and put the bike through its paces. We were of course not surprised that they loved it and found it “hard to find fault”. They wrote:

“With amazing acceleration and brilliant handling the new Crux is the epitome of ’cross racing.”

The review focussed on the hard-won balance between comfort, power transfer and handling, noting its “unmatched acceleration”. Confirming that the CruX is perfectly suited to the modern technical and more spectator-friendly style of cyclocross, the review praises the bike for its low overall weight, despite not having the lightest component package on test. In summary:

“Overall, the Crux’s balance of power transfer, CX-course compliance, stable geometry and remarkably low weight label it a clear winner this CX season.”

Read the full review here.

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Roval CLX 50 carbon wheelset

Also under the Bike Radar microscope were the Roval CLX 50 aero wheels. These wheels were engineered with lightweight aerodynamics at the top of the list, and by way of Computational Fluid Dynamic testing, we met our strict weight and stiffness targets, producing a mid-section carbon clincher that is perfect for the all-rounder. BikeRadar praised the CeramicSpeed bearings that come as standard and the wheelset’s tubeless compatibility. Finally, it was noted that the lightweight nature of the wheels make them a good climbing companion while also performing well in crosswinds. In summary:

“If your main concern is weight, and you want to go tubeless, the CLX is the one.”

Read the full 4-star review here.

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S-Works Enduro

The Enduro is one of the many Specialized models which has had a major design upgrade this season. Bike Magazine’s Travis Engel tested the 2018 S-Works Enduro after the industry’s Crankworx event in Whistler and he was not disappointed. One of his first comments was that he found the bike surprisingly easy to get used to. He would usually expect to take a breaking-in period into account, but the Enduro was more relaxed in its first ride. When discussing the reach – which has been a big area of development for XC mountain bikes in recent years – he stated that Specialized “actually may have gotten it just right,” with no sacrifice to playfulness or control. The Enduro’s geometry adjustability was a welcome update enabling the rider to adapt to the trail conditions, and Engel summarised by saying:

“It’s still an all-around backcountry destroyer. The Enduro is still the Enduro, only a little more Enduro-er.”

Read Travis Engel’s extensive review here.


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Specialized Allez E5 Elite

The completely redesigned Specialized Allez, which takes design cues from the new Tarmac, has been turning heads for the first time in years. Cycling Weekly have praised its wide-ranging geometry that will work with the majority of cyclists whether they want to dabble in racing or not. The aesthetics have gone down well too with the newly dropped rear stay, which meets the seat tube much lower down to increase compliance and comfort. It is still relatively lightweight and the reviewer was pleased to find a full carbon fork complete with mudguard mount which significantly reduces road buzz associated with alloy frames. Highlighting the Allez E5 Elite’s assured cornering, stability at all speeds and confidence-inspiring handling, Cycling Weekly said that the frameset is one of the best you can buy at the price point. In summary:

“Apart from looking great, it danced up hills and flew down them.”

Read the full 9/10 review here.

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