Specialized Diverge 2017: The Perfect Winter Bike at Nottingham

Specialized Diverge 2017: The Perfect Winter Bike at Nottingham

Specialized Diverge 2017: The Perfect Winter Bike at Nottingham

Are you looking for the perfect Winter bike? Then look no further than the Specialized Diverge. Since it's introduction the Diverge has been a revelation offering road riding, adventure cycling, gravel-grinding at a great price. Find out why we love the Diverge at Specialized Nottingham, and we think it might just be the perfect Winter Bike for you.

The idea behind the Diverge is simply to offer cyclists a way to ride the road less travelled and banish the usual limitations of road bikes whilst still allowing you to hit the tarmac with the same pace and zip as you would with your normal road bike. The way these bikes are built truly offer the rider the chance to adventure more.


One of the benefits of the Diverge is that it really is the perfect Winter bike for the UK. Every Diverge model comes equipped with disc brakes to ensure you maintain your stopping power no matter how wet and gritty the roads get through the winter months. It also offers the option of having mudguards fitted with ease thanks to the high clearance on the wheels. Specialized Plug and Play 2017 mudguards can be fitted to the Diverges in a matter of minutes and keep the majority of the muck off your clothes. Even if you have a longer commute the Diverge's endurance geometry is so comfortable, especially with the Zertz vibration dampeners that you will be able to ride for longer in greater comfort. Don't forget that many of our Diverge's are available on Cycle to Work schemes that we offer in store.

Here at Specialized Nottingham we love the Diverge, which is why we have plenty in store, ready for you to ride away the very same day with all Diverge's available on 0% Finance. We've also paired the Diverge this year with our exclusive Specialized Winter pack which includes a bundle of lights and mudguards fitted to any Diverge at a reduced price!

Scroll down to read more about the Diverge technology, see what Diverges we have in stock at Nottingham and see how much you can save with our fantastic Specialized Winter pack.




WHAT: Powerful disc brakes that provide consistent stopping power no matter the weather or terrain.

WHY: In varying terrain consistent and powerful stopping power is paramount. Disc brakes provide that security with less effort resulting in a more confident, less fatiguing ride.

HOW: Hydraulic and mechanical disc brakes provide more efficient stopping power regardless of weather or terrain. Every Diverge frame is engineered to be able to withstand the increased braking stresses from disc brakes ensuring you'll be riding safer, longer.




WHAT: Optimised endurance geometry for all day comfort, whilst still retaining the qualities that give you the accelaration you need on the tarmac.

WHY: When nothing is off limits, comfort is a necessity. An endurance geometry keeps your comfortable, longer while still allowing for snappy climbing and quick descending.

HOW:A taller headtube and a slightly relaxed angle allows for the ideal position for all day comfort. Keeping the chainstays short while maintaining a low bottom bracket point ensures the type of responsiveness and able descending you desire.




WHAT: Front and rear tyre clearance for up to a 35c tyre (32c with mudguards).

WHY: From paved roads to gravel fire trails, bigger tyres provide more traction and flat resistant to ensure you keep the rubber side down. The clearance is also perfect for fitting mudguards, ideal for the British weather.

HOW: Wider tyres provide a larger contact and can be run at lower pressures to ensure more traction across thevarying terrains you'll want to ride on the new Diverge.




Guy's Diverge out on one of it's adventures


Name: Guy

Discipline: Road/MTB/Adventure

Ride: Currently riding the Specialized Diverge Comp Carbon 2016. About to order the new 2017 Diverge Comp.

Why do you ride the Diverge?: A lot of my riding in the past couple of years has either been on my Tarmac on the road or my Enduro off it. With the Diverge I can pretty much do both and have an amazing ride.

I was really surprised with the Diverge on the road, to be honest I thought it would be just my Winter bike whilst my Tarmac was in hibernation, but the Diverge is so much fun, i'm a little worried I might never get back on the Tarmac now. What I love about it is the fact that I can ride out on my day off and there's very few limitations of where I can go. It's easy to say it will handle anything and whilst that might not be true, it pretty much can. The other day I was riding out and rode past a local trail centre, and feeling confident I nipped off onto the singletrack and it was such a blast.

Riding the Diverge is like having a little off-road demon sitting on your shoulder who keeps ushering you to nip off into the field or down that little gravel track that you know on a standard road bike you can't really do. It's also incredibly practical too. I've got quite a lenghty commute and in the Winter it can be a little hard, but now on the Diverge with the disc brakes, robust feel and the feeling of comfort riding it i've enjoyed every ride in so far. The Diverge definitely puts a smile on your face.




{DIVERGE AT Nottingham: 5321, 5346, 5333, 5327}


This year to make commuting easier for you we've put a very special package together. We've combined some fantastic Specialized lights and our 2017 Plug and Play mudguards all at a reduced price.

{WINTER PACK: 5531, 7216, 5240}

RRP: £170

SAVE: £40

NOW: £130

If you would like any more information on the Specialized Diverge bikes or are Winter Pack exclusive then please feel free to call Specialized Nottingham on 0121 747 3444 or send us an enquiry

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