Specialized Enduro 2017: First look review at Nottingham

Specialized Enduro 2017: First look review at Nottingham

Specialized Enduro 2017: First look review at Nottingham

The Specialized Enduro has been around now for 22 years and is one of the most popular models we've ever made. The combination of incredible descending capabilities and ability to climb on any terrain has made it popular with MTB riders the world over. And now Specialized have given the Enduro a makeover for 2017, with a host of new features, kit and geometry they've taken one of the most capable mountain bikes around and made it even better.

Here at Specialized Nottingham we've now got the Specialized Enduro 2017 in store, so we thought that we'd have a quick look over it and let you know what's new. As soon as we pulled these bikes out the box it was clear that the Enduro is built for shredding.


Specialized Enduro 2017 Comp 29
Meet the all new 2017 Specialized Enduro FSR. Model pictured is the Comp 29.



Specialized Nottingham were delighted to get the chance to look over the new version of the Enduro, and we were suitably impressed.

This year's models run from the Enduro Comp through to the Enduro S-Works, starting from £2600, which makes them even more appealing. They are also all available in either 29"or 27.5"/650b wheel sizes, which lets you choose your preference based on how you like to ride your trail bike. However, this year they've added a new feature which allows even more choice. The Enduro 29" can now take 6Fattie wheels, so if you fancy adding some variety to your wheels to mix up your trail riding you've got the option.

Another major change is in the frame. Although the traditional X-wing style is still present and correct, the overall geometry although similar to its predecessors has been tweaked for more aggressive downhill riding with a slacker head angle, as much as 1.5 degrees in the case of the 29" versions. The Enduro isn't just for downhill though it needs to climb and Specialized tweaking of the seat tube angle to a slightly more upright position means greater pedal transference so those climbs will still be easy work.

All models feature the same low bottom bracket height (335mm), and every single model features a Specialized Command IRcc dropper post, with up to 10 middle positions. The dropper post is really becoming a must in trail riding these days so it's great to see one as standard.

Specialized Enduro 2017
The all new Enduro comes with Sram 1 x 11 on all models

Specialized Enduro 2017
Sram brakes are also available on every model


One of the biggest changes is on the FSR linkage of the Enduro on the rear. In order to improve clearance Specialized have removed the seat-stay bridge on all of the new Enduro models, replacing it with a very slick looking forged seat stay that allows the geometry to stay low and aggressive without compromise. Other differences on the frame itself include some very tidy new internal cable routing and a brand new (removable) frame protector to stop any stones chipping the underside of your beloved bike.

Another seismic shift on the new 2017 Enduro is the move over to Sram. Sram drivetrains and brakes have been proving ever more popular with mountain bikers and Specialized have listened and equipped every single Enduro with them. Each Enduro has also been given the 1 x 11 gearing system keeping them lightweight and perfect for the mountain.

Specialized Enduro 2017
Major changes have been made to the rear FSR linkage with the removal of the seat-stay bridge.


On all the carbon Enduro models there is also a very cool new addition, which is the new S.W.A.T technology. With the Enduros all sporting a larger down tube for increased stability in the ride, Specialized have spotted an opportunity to get some of the bits and bobs you carry in your pockets into your bike. Underneath the supplied bottle cage you will find a compartment, complete with a neoprene wrap similar to the ones you get in the Keg's where you can pop your pump, phone, multi-tool, spare tube, or even your sandwiches should you wish.

Specialized Enduro 2017
The familiar X-wing design of the Enduro is improved

SWAT Cage: plenty of room for your pump, tubes etc.



The R & D team at Specialized have clearly been listening to mountain bikers when they tweaked the new Enduro. One of the subtlest but best improvements we think is the addition of the new threaded bottomg bracket and the new improved quality bearings. Although this might sound unimportant it's great news particularly for us UK riders who have to put up with some pretty grim conditions for riding. The new threaded bottom bracket and new bearings will make maintenance a whole lot easier.

Along with the addition of Sram and the new bottom bracket is that Specialized have continued their partnership with Swedish suspension legends Ohlins and the S-Works and Pro models both sport Ohlins rear shocks. Ohlins are hugely well-regarded so these shocks will offer incredible performance out on the trails.

Ohlins shocks are shipping on Pro & S-Works 2017 Enduro.

Specialized Enduro 2017
All ready for the new threaded bottom bracket


All these new additions to the 2017 Specialized Enduro look to be serious steps forward taking an already amazing mountain bike and improving it is no mean feat and Specialized seem to have done just that. Our guys in store are asuper excited about the new Enduro simply because it will be quicker and more fun on the downs without compromising any of it's predecessors climbing ability.

The decision between a 29/6Fattie model and a 27.5"/650b is entirely up you depending on how you ride. Our guys were split between two wanting to get super aggressive on the 650 and two wanting to utilise the benefits of a 29er, so it's great to have the option of picking the version that will suit you best.


The cabling is all internal and very tidy

Specialized Enduro Jawbreaker 2017
The limited edition S-Works Enduro Jawbreaker 2017



The Enduro has long been one of the the ultimate mountain bikes, and given that trail bikes have the unenviable task of being required to do everything and do it very well, Specialized have pulled it out the hat in impressive fashion. Everything on this bike dialled to ensure that whichever wheel size you pick, it will be insanely fun out on the mountain. Trust us you won't be disappointed.

The all new Specialized Enduro FSR 2017 are available now in store.


Specialized Enduro 2017
Specialized Enduro FSR 2017 - A truly awesome bike.



We're very excited to announce that here at Specialized Nottingham we have just taken delivery of several of the stunning new Specialized Enduro 2017 bikes. See what's in stock below.

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If you'd like more information about the new Specialized Enduro. Click here to see all the models or please feel free to call Specialized Nottingham on 0115 978 3876 or send us an enquiry

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