Specialized Ruby 2017 now in stock at Nottingham

Specialized Ruby 2017 now in stock at Nottingham

Specialized Ruby 2017 now in stock at Nottingham

Alongside the launch of the new Roubaix 2017 comes the arrival of the all new Specialized Ruby. Here at Specialized Nottingham we're very excited to have some of the first Specialized Ruby 2017 bikes in the country in store now.

The all new Ruby is very similar in design to it's brother the Roubaix with several revolutions in technology for endurance and performance road riding. The new Ruby is designed to be the smoothest road bike available for women and we've got them in store and ready to go right now.


Specialized Roubaix 2017
Meet the all new 2017 Specialized Ruby. Model pictured is the Expert Disc UDi2.



The new Specialized Ruby has been completely re-designed from the ground up and features a host of new features that all combine to offer a phenomenal ride. Take a look below at some of these new features.


This is by far the biggest revolution and revelation on the new Ruby 2017. The Future Shock is basically front suspension on a road bike. It may sound controversial but there's a great deal of scientific data and innovation gone into the shock, which is designed as a piston within the headtube with 20mm of travel encased in a rubber seal.

Specialized Roubaix 2017
The all new Future Shock suspension system
offers 20mm of travel upfront

Specialized Roubaix 2017
Future shock sits neatly above the Cobra
headtube on the new Ruby


Smoother is faster. Specialized have looked into this at great lengths and the result is the Future shock. Inside the neat piston, spring and bearing technology works so that when the bike encounters rough terrain it allows the front wheel to move upwards towards the rider without the riders hands ever moving, which not only allows you to remain in position so you don't lose your forward momentum and speed, but it also removes the risk of 'bounce' during riding.

Future Shock can be tailored to each ride or rider preference. It is supplied with 3 interchangeable springs so you can adapt the shock, long, medium and short. Short offers more compliance, and the longer is stiffer, so if you want a stiffer ride, just pop the longer one in or if you're doing a bumpy ride pop in the shorter spring and away you go. Changing the spring is easy and takes only 10 minutes even for the non-technical among us.


Specialized Roubaix 2017
Changing up the shock spring is easy

Specialized Roubaix 2017
The 20mm shock sits in the new head-tube



On the new Ruby you'll also find another change up front with the addition of the Hover Bar. This new bar has a 15mm rise and helps to retain the familiar Ruby riding position that has proved so popular even with the new frame design on this years model.

Specialized Roubaix 2017
The new Hover Bar on the front end keeps you in that familiar and popular riding position



In addition to the Future Shock up front, the all new Ruby is also supporting a new design around the seat post. You'll still find the familair CG-R (also known as the Cobbler Gobbler) which absorbs shocks from the rear end, but the new drop clamp is brand new.

Specialized Roubaix 2017
It's all change on the rear end too.

Specialized Roubaix 2017
The Drop clamp lets the seat post move above it


The seatpost has been completely overhauled and now the seat clamp has dropped a couple of inches into the frame, tightened by a couple of bolts neatly positioned either side of the seat post tube allowing for a wider frame design at the top of the frame. This additional space lets the seat post move around 20 degrees back and forth mid ride for additional smoothness.

Specialized Roubaix 2017
The all new seatpost design on the Ruby 2017 offers 20 degrees of movement to ensure a smooth ride



Another new feature on the Ruby is that on models from Expert up, you'll find some new S.W.A.T technology (Storage Water Air & Tools).

You'll find a triangular SWAT housing sitting above the bottom bracket. These are aerodynamic, but allow you to carry spare tubes, tools and a CO2 cannister should you have a flat out on your ride. This is a neat addition which avoids the need to carry a backpack or wedgie bag beneath the saddle. These can also be removed very easily if you wish, but we think they'll come in very handy. (Note: multi tool. spare tube, cannister all sold seperately)

Specialized Roubaix 2017
The new SWAT compartment: A Multi tool
fits on one side

There's room for a tube, tyre lever and
CO2 cannister the other



The new Ruby 2017 also features the Rider Engineered design system to the frame. Rider Engineered technology is basically a shift in frame creation which means that each frame size is designed, created and engineered specifically for that size, meaning that you no longer have an instance where a frame is just 'bigger' and you lose some of the performance and handling. This means that, for every frame size of the new Ruby 2017 each tube size & carbon wrap is specifically selected and built especially for that size. The result is a perfectly tailored bike to your size that rides

No Zertz and a more performance geometry.

Specialized Roubaix 2017
The saddle sits on the familiar CG-R seatpost



The Ruby 2017 each come with disc brakes as standard which is ideal for the type of riding that they are designed for. Disc brakes offer much better stopping power and modulation which is perfect for longer rides where you can come across anything. Specialized have also added on bolt through's on the rear end for stiffness on the pedal stroke to make sure all your power goes to the right place.

Bolt through comes as standard on the rear

Specialized Enduro Jawbreaker 2017
Disc brakes are on all 2017 Ruby bikes




We're very excited to announce that here at Specialized Nottingham we have just taken delivery of several of the stunning new Specialized Ruby 2017 bikes. See what's in stock below.

{RUBY 2017:6819, 6813, 6801}



If you'd like more information about the new Specialized Ruby. Click here to see all the models or please feel free to call Specialized Nottingham on 0115 978 3876 or send us an enquiry

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