Specialized S-Sizing Guide

Specialized S-Sizing Guide

Specialized S-Sizing Guide

What is S-Sizing?

It originally came around in 2018, when Specialized brought out the Stumpjumper Evo. S-sizing is Specialized MTB Style specific sizing, it is found on the Stumpjumper, Enduro, Demo, Status, Levo, Kenevo and Kenevo SL bike range. When you look at the S-Sizing chart, it looks like Specialized have just re-branded their sizing, but there is a lot more to it than just changing the L (for large) to S4.

S-Sizing against standard sizing

The S-Sizing actually allows a rider to choose their frame size depending on their riding style. It is actually a lot simpler and benefits the rider a lot. Traditionally, bike sizing bases the geometry around the rider’s height and inside leg, giving the rider a selection of 1, sometimes 2 sizes to buy. Smaller sizes have always come with shorter wheelbases and lower stand-over height, whereas a taller rider would have a longer top tube and a longer wheelbase. Now with the Specialized S-Sizing guide, not only can you buy a bike that fits you, but it also suits the riding that you do.

S-sizing bikes maintain a lower stack height with a shorter seat tube length, whilst the reach and wheelbase slowly increase when you go up the chart. This added standover clearance means that a rider can fit across various sizes comfortably and make their size choice based on how the bike handles, giving you a better experience on the bike.

When to Size Up

For example; if you are used to riding larger frames, an S4 (L) would be your traditional fit. But with the S-sizing, you have more fits available.
The S5 frame could give you a longer reach and a longer wheelbase; this would be for a better experience on the faster trails, with increased stability. If you were looking for a bike to climb and descend with stability and more control, you can size up through the chart.

When to Size Down

Or you could drop down to an S3 frame. This would be if you wanted a nimbler bike, for more response on cornering, a more playful bike. Suggested for if you were taking on a bike park, wanting to whip and jump your bike. Or if you wanted a bike for the trails that have slower, more technical features.

This all means that riders now have more control and options over their riding experience.


Author: Chris Francis, Manager of Norwich Specialized Store


{Kenevo: 38426, 38438, 38434}

{Kenevo SL: 19677, 19213, 19225}

{Levo: 80268, 80273, 199405, 19305, 19090, 19100}

{Stumpjumper: 18604, 18634, 18622, 59522, 19397, 19156}

{Stumpjumper EVO: 45631, 38779, 45637, 19409, 19421, 19427}

{Enduro: 38263, 17642, 38275}

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