The best Specialized bikes for improving your fitness

The best Specialized bikes for improving your fitness

The best Specialized bikes for improving your fitness

Here at Specialized, we know that fitness is a year-round venture. It doesn’t necessarily start on 1st January, nor is it just confined to those sunnier days of the warmer months. Getting fit and feeling good about yourself is one of the many positive by products of riding a bike. And luckily, we have quite the selection. Let’s take a look at the different kinds of bike you could try, to help you make 2023 the year you reach your fitness goals. 

The fitness hybrid

Looking for an affordable way to try cycling? Our Sirrus and Sirrus X models are flat bar hybrid bikes ideal for those who want to hit the ground running and start racking up some miles. Comfortable and ergonomically designed, the frame uses Body Geometry touchpoints in order to make the long rides pass without pain. 

They’re available with both step-over and step-through frame options and some models like our Sirrus 3.0 EQ even come with a rear rack to make it a fantastic option for commuting or running errands. The Sirrus X is the more off-road capable of the two, with gravel equipped tyres and tubeless options. 

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The road bike

Road bikes are a fantastic way to kickstart your fitness. Designed specifically to ride fastest and most comfortably on the road, they feature dropped handlebars and skinny tyres. You might see people riding road bikes wearing Lycra, but you can wear anything you feel comfortable in. 

There are different kinds of road bikes, including lightweight bikes like our Aethos, or aero bikes like our S-Works Tarmac, but they all do the job of making riding on the road more fun and comfortable. There are some nuances to riding road bikes, like learning how the gears work and making sure your bike fits properly. We’d recommend a bike fit session to truly uncover your full potential on the bike, as well as reducing the likelihood of injury through improper positioning.

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The mountain bike

Perfect for those who want a little more mud and a little less time on the road in their rides. Mountain bikes are perfect for enhancing your skills, as well as your fitness. There are two main types of mountain bike: hardtail and full-suspension. Within each type there are different disciplines like cross-country, enduro and downhill, etc. But essentially, a hardtail has suspension forks and a rigid rear triangle, whereas full-suspension bikes have suspension forks and a rear shock for more ‘squish’.

With the variety of bikes on offer, being unsure of which would best suit your skill level and even not knowing exactly where you want to ride it, choosing a mountain bike can be daunting. But hardtails are an excellent place to start. They’re seriously capable off-road, but they’re also lighter and easier to pedal on the road or on gravelly tracks, compared to a full-suspension mountain bike. They’re also better for learning basic skills like wheelies and how to handle the bike, before trying a full-squish version. Something like our Chisel or Epic Hardtail are great places to start, without breaking the bank.

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The gravel bike

Versatile and great for on or light off-road adventures, many suggest the gravel bike is the one bike that does it all. Our Diverge gravel bike is fun, fast and highly capable, making it a great choice for someone who wants to up their fitness without committing to one discipline or terrain surface. 

It features wide tyres, disc brakes and a race-ready yet comfortable frame geometry. If you want to try it out on the road, then simply swap your tyres to something less knobbly. A gravel bike really can be the best of both worlds – road fitness and off-road skill building.

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The e-bike

‘How can you get fit on an e-bike?!’ We hear you cry. Well, studies have shown that e-bike users ride further than unassisted bike riders and ride more frequently. It’s a common myth that riding an e-bike means you don’t get a good workout. As you control the assist, you can ride with it on full pelt if you want to, but you can also reduce the level of assist and take matters into your own hands. 

We make electric versions of most types of bikes, from mountain bikes to road, to city and urban commuting bikes. So there’s something for everyone, no matter your current level of fitness or where you want to ride!

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Want to get fit but not sure where to start? Head to your local Concept Store and speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team for some advice. Discover your local store here.

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