The Importance of a Perfectly Fitted Bike

The Importance of a Perfectly Fitted Bike

The Importance of a Perfectly Fitted Bike

Specialized Concept Stores offer an unrivalled bike and equipment fitting service. No other bike fitting service integrates with a design and manufacturing process like Specialized Body Geometry Fit Integrated Technology (FIT).

Body Geometry Fit is more than a bike fitting. Rather than just deciding on a frame size, saddle height and stem length: the process can change shoes, saddles and gloves too. The difference is that it’s integrated, rather than a collection from different manufacturers, the system is brought together from the outset: including the design of the bike, components and equipment.
We all differ in various ways; therefore “a one size fits all” approach doesn’t work with bikes and equipment.

Specialized work with three main medical professionals, these professionals also work with the Specialized pro teams, including Saxo Tinkoff and Etixx-Quickstep: Dr Roger Minkov, Andy Pruitt and Dr Kyle Bickel. Minkov is the saddle expert and excels in ensuring blood flow to the correct areas when in contact with the saddle: for both males and females. Andy Pruitt has worked with Specialized on Body Geometry Fit the longest and is concerned with overall cycling position. Newest to the team is Dr Kyle Bickel, whose input is in the area of hands and gloves.

Using the Specialized Concept Store’s consultation and fitting room, a fit session will usually take around 2-3 hours. it will consist of the following sections:

1. Pre-Fit Interview
The technician will ask every rider questions relating to their injury history, experience, goals and needs.

2. Flexibility Assignment
This series of tests measures, and builds up a picture of the rider’s flexibility over the vital areas of their body including spine, shoulders, flexion of the hip, limb length and foot structure.

3. Side View
As it sounds: the rider is assessed from the side, it helps build the picture of fit for the bike, and enables a frame size to be confirmed, seat height to be adjusted, stem length to be specified, bar height to be adjusted and cleat position to be correct. All this with the aim of making sure that the riding position is comfortable and powerful.

4. Front View
The front view analyses the alignment of the foot, knee and hip to ensure optimal power transfer, performance and reduced chance of injury. It also includes analysis of foot placement on the cleat and saddle position to ensure squareness.

5. Follow Up
To ensure that the adjustments are correct, and having the desired effect, a follow up of around a week later by the technician takes place.

Contact your local Specialized Concept Store, they can arrange a fitting for you, as well as advise you on all of Specialized range of bikes and equipment.


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