Three Items to Instantly Upgrade Your Summer MTB Clothing

Three Items to Instantly Upgrade Your Summer MTB Clothing

Three Items to Instantly Upgrade Your Summer MTB Clothing

Having the right gear to ride in can really make a difference to how much you enjoy mountain biking. For lots of us, the switch between winter and summer apparel is a sign that it’s finally time get out riding regularly again – after a long season of only sporadically getting out on the bike. After all, it’s so much easier to motivate yourself when the sun is beating down outside than it is when there’s a thunderstorm of biblical proportions raging overhead. And of course, summer-specific clothing has plenty of benefits – heat and moisture management being chief among these.

As we’re getting into the warmer months, now is the perfect time to refresh or upgrade your MTB wardrobe – so you don’t have to wear the same old gear that has been languishing in the back of your chest of drawers over the summer.

Atlas XC Pro Jersey

Our Atlas collection is all about giving you excellent versatility when you’re out riding cross country, whether you’re training for race day or just taking the bike out for a weekend spin. The XC Pro Jersey is a happy middle ground between the super-tight jerseys and short shorts of full-on competition wear and the baggy gear most commonly associated with downhill riding.

The jersey is made of our exception VaporRize fabric, which does an amazing job of managing heat and moisture. It’s soft, light and breathable – so it’s a real joy to wear, unlike that tired old jersey you’ve had sitting in your kit drawer for the last three seasons!

Secure storage comes in the form of a zippered side pocket, so you don’t have to worry about your phone or keys bouncing free as you hurtle around the tracks.

Ambush Helmet

The Ambush helmet is our top-of-the-line, super-versatile MTB helmet. Whether you prefer the peace of casual trail rides, or the all-out adrenaline of long-distance enduro racing, this lid will give you all the protection you need.

The aramid-reinforced skeleton gives the helmet exceptional internal strength, while the Specialized patented multi-density construction is engineered to spread and disperse the impact of any collision energy – reducing the chance of trauma. Customisability is key for the Ambush, with the Mindset 360 system allowing you to get a superbly snug fit with its integrated dial and five height positions.

The Ambush’ oversized vents will create excellent airflow to the head – to keep you ice cool when you’re out riding, even on the hottest summer days.

Atlas XC Pro Shorts

With the comfort and secure fit of a pair of bibs, but the casual styling of a pair of long shorts – the Atlas XC Pro is ready for anything. The removable liner features a Specialized Body Geometry Mountain chamois – a light and breathable barrier between you and the saddle for improved all-day comfort. There’s also a zippered pocket on either side of the shorts, so you can safely stow the essentials while you’re out riding.

Laser-perforated ventilation holes and UV 50 sun protection mean these are definitely an upgrade to the summer shorts you’ve had sat in a drawer all winte

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