What is MIPS with ANGi?

What is MIPS with ANGi?

What is MIPS with ANGi?

Specialized takes great pride in the safety of their helmets. Many strides have been taken in the past decade to improve helmet safety as the long-term effects of head injuries and concussions are better understood. On top of keeping you safe, Specialized helmets offer ample comfort, streamlined design and a performance-based build so that you can truly trust what you are putting on your head.  

We have a wide range of helmets covering road, MTB, fitness and kid’s categories at our Concept Stores, all of them benefiting from two pieces of safety technology that Specialized have integrated over the past few years. These are MIPS and the company’s own ANGi system. But what are these two technologies and how do they work? Fear not, in this article we will answer these questions and showcase a selection of helmets that utilise them. 



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MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System, and is a company that integrates their technology with Specialized helmets to help prevent rotational injury. This motion can result in damage to the brain tissue that can lead to long-term issues. 

It works by way of a low-friction layer in the helmet that allows a sliding motion of 10mm to 15mm in all directions. Every Specialized helmet model uses MIPS, so no matter how far, for how long or how fast your rides are, every rider can significantly reduce their risk of impact injuries. You can tell if a helmet has MIPS or not due to a distinctive round yellow sticker. 

There is no compromise on performance either. In fact, MIPS worked exclusively with Specialized to develop MIPS SL, an extra-light, extra-comfortable version of the technology used by the lightest and best ventilated helmets in the line, with the aim to maximise airflow and minimise weight while still offering protection.  

For more information on MIPS, consult Specialized’s MIPS FAQ’s page

ANGi crash sensor

Another piece of technology that makes Specialized helmets the safest going is the patented ANGi crash sensor. Standing for Angular and G-Force indicator, the discreet tracking sensor transforms your helmet into a crash detector and safety beacon. 

It can be mounted on practically any helmet and measures the forces that your helmet absorbs during a crash as well as the rotational forces that happen even when you’re in a slower collision. Simply pair the Specialized Ride app with ANGi and when you start a ride in the app, the sensor will detect the head impact forces, send an alert to your phone, and trigger a countdown. If you’re unable to stop the countdown, the app will then automatically send a message to your emergency contact with your live location. 

This ensures protection before, during and after an event. Most Specialized helmets from 2019 onwards can mount ANGi, and even some other brands meet the installation criteria for the sensor. 

Still have burning questions? Consult Specialized’s ANGi FAQ’s page.  

Road helmets 

Specialized understands that when it comes to road helmets, riders need to know that the comfort, safety, and performance checkboxes are well and truly ticked. With MIPS and ANGi integration in everything from TT helmets to lightweight racers, you can be sure that when you’re out on the roads, on gravel tracks or in a cyclocross race, Specialized has you covered.

MTB helmets

MIPS and ANGi have revolutionised how we look at MTB helmet protection. Of course, you need to ensure your protection when taking on gnarly routes and severe drop-offs, so this integration is perfect. ANGi’s beacon is particularly useful if you ever come a cropper in a more remote area. 

Fitness helmets

Navigating the busy streets of the city, weaving in and out of traffic and avoiding road furniture is a tricky business. As bike commuters ourselves, we understand that a helmet does not only protect us on the bike but provides a much-needed confidence boost on a work-run.  

Kids helmets

When it comes to your child riding a bike, their safety and your peace of mind are paramount. With these technologies integrated throughout our range of kids helmets, you can ride through the parks happy knowing that our lids are protecting your little shredder’s noggin.

To find out more about MIPS helmets and Specialized’s patented ANGi technology, come down to one of our stores, get yourself fitted and start benefiting from one of our comfortable, protective helmets straight away. Speak to one of our friendly staff members, feel which one is the most comfortable and learn all about the innovations we are making at Specialized.>

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