Marcel Kittel made history on Stage 2 of the Tour de France by winning on a bike equipped with disc brakes for the first time ever.

Why your next road bike should be equipped with disc brakes

Marcel Kittel made history on Stage 2 of the Tour de France by winning on a bike equipped with disc brakes for the first time ever. Kittel and his formidable Quick-Step Floors leadout, all on Specialized bikes, overcame the best sprinters in the world at the finish line in Liège. It was an emotional victory for the perfectly coiffured German on a stage that started in his homeland, and which marked his tenth career Tour victory.

The Quick-Step Floors team have put themselves at the forefront of disc brake adoption within the cycling world. The now retired King of Classics, Tom Boonen, took the first ever disc brake win on an S-Works Venge at the Vuelta San Juan this January, and Bob Jungels used them on his S-Works Tarmac at the Giro where he defended his best young rider title.

Disc brakes are clearly the way forward in cycling and a surefire way to futureproof your bike. But if you need any more convincing, here are a few more reasons why disc brakes should feature on your wishlist, with a few Specialized star bikes to tickle your temptation:

Year-round reliability

Have you ever been out on a wet group ride where everyone was using a mix of rim and disc brakes? It is instantly clear in that instance which setup is preferable for inclement weather. Whereas damp rim brake blocks pressing against slick rims will squeal to a lazy stop, discs will pull you to a standstill with buttock-clenching swiftness, whatever the weather.

2017 Specialized Roubaix Elite

The bar-raising versatility and comfort of the 2017 Roubaix makes it a bike that bucks the trend. Equipped with mechanical discs, Endurance Geometry and futureproof Future Shock suspension technology, the Roubaix is the perfect all-round road bike.


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Confidence inspiring

For the beginner bike rider, the consistency of disc brakes is enough to inspire confidence in any conditions. The far superior stopping power over rim brakes is one of the biggest advantages of the newer technology. It also makes disc brakes well-suited to conditions in which stopping suddenly is a necessary skill, for instance, in commuting through built-up areas.

2017 Specialized Sirrus Expert Carbon

The Sirrus range is one of the more popular urban bike models with its Fitness Geometry, flat handlebars and hydraulic disc brakes. What’s more, the Sirrus is at home in a range of environments, from the city streets to country lanes.


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Moving with the times

Though the professional cycling world is conflicted as to the merits and risks of disc brakes, most would agree they’re the way the industry is heading. More and more bikes are being brought out with disc brakes in mind first, and rim second. Indeed, the S-Works Venge Vias was designed specifically around disc brake technology. We will see more and more of our favourite riders employing discs as the peloton catches up with the way the industry is headed. So why not get ahead of the curve? Futureproof your fleet with a disc brake bike sooner rather than later.

2017 Venge Vias Expert Disc Ultegra

Based on the same model that Kittel sprinted to victory at the Tour, the Venge Expert uses a Fact 11r frame wrapped in Shimano Ultegra gearing and equipped with hydraulic disc brakes.


Image - Ben Delaney, Immediate Media




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