Worth It: Will Do

Worth It: Will Do

Worth It: Will Do

The year of getting things done

We know January has slid beneath our wheels already but that doesn’t mean steps can’t be taken to make a change or set a goal in 2018. With that in mind, Specialized are encouraging their female riders, ambassadors and followers to share bike-related targets for the next 11 opportunity-filled months. Whether it be the mastering of a new skill like the bunny hop or wheelie, climbing your first Alpine giant, or even just riding more with your family, they’re all 100% worth it.

If you’re struggling to think of a worthy goal, the team at Specialized have put together a sort of bucket list of ‘Worth It Will Dos’ to feed your motivation. You can even download the poster and stick it on your wall as a constant reminder of the awesome things you’ll be doing.

Now that you’ve seen our bucket list, we’ve plucked a few from the poster and taken a closer look at how to undertake them.

1. “Flat-out Flat Fixer”

Fixing a puncture is a crucial skill for any bike rider. Daunting though the prospect of fixing a flat with frozen fingers might be, it becomes a lot easier the more you do it. The key kit you’ll need will include tyre levers, an inner tube, and a CO2 or mini pump. The more you practise, the faster you will be. You’ll be fixing flats in under six minutes before you know it.


4. “Puddle Jumper”

We all know fair-weather cyclists, perhaps you are one yourself, and that’s perfectly fine. There are any number of reasons not to want to ride in the rain, but the truth is that the experience of such an undertaking can provoke a uniquely satisfying feeling, especially if it is a shower of apocalyptic proportions. Riding in the rain plants you solidly in the realms of dedication and epicness, and you might find that once is not enough.


19. “Escape Artist”

One of the more ambitious items on our list is the ‘Escape Artist’; the goal of setting off on a bikepacking adventure. It doesn’t matter how big you want to go, whether you take a long weekend out in the wild or embark on several months of exploring a continent. Take a look at our online store for touring equipment and if you’re looking for some inspiration, just explore the awesome Specialized community and you’re sure to find something, or someone, special.



28. “Race Face”

You don’t have to have been riding long to have had a race or organised event cross your mind. There is so much out there to choose from so whether you’re after an hour or two on a warm summer’s day or an epic 100-mile ride over the epic cols of the Grand Tours, there will be something to suit your goals. Road, gravel, MTB or ’cross, it’s over to you. All you need is a bike and some motivation and you’re all set.



We’re all in this together

This isn’t just one of those campaigns which shout from the rooftops for a month and then fizzle out. The Specialized team are going to be sharing tips and advice throughout the year to get you through to the end. It’ll be pitched to riders of all levels so stick with us and we’ll get it done together!

Now’s your chance to get involved. Just as you saw in the video, all you need to do is to write your goal on something – a white board or drawn in the sand – and share it on Instagram with the tag #whatsworthit. Tag @iamspecialized_wmn if you’d like us to see it and to share your inspiration with the community.

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