Introducing the Specialized Sirrus Carbon

Introducing the Specialized Sirrus Carbon

Introducing the Specialized Sirrus Carbon

Ready to meet our latest addition to our hybrid range? The Sirrus Carbon is unlike any bike you’ve seen before...and for good reason! With on and off-road capabilities, the Sirrus Carbon is set to be one of our most comfortable and versatile flat-bar bikes yet. Are you ready to take it for a spin? Let’s dive into the details.

The frame

First things first, let’s talk about the frame. We know it’s radical, but the design is the result of extensive R&D on how we can make carbon bikes more compliant, more comfortable but without losing any responsiveness. (Rather than our design team seeing how far they can take things before management steps in.)

The lower half of the seat tube has been removed, instead it joins the seat stays and the down tube but from higher up than the regular position. But why? We’re calling it the ‘Compliance Junction’, which will enable a new degree of handling that’s not seen on comfortable bikes. 

Bridging the gap between performance and comfort is key, as riders expect better bikes across all types of riding. Even if you’re just popping to the shops, you shouldn’t have to ride a clanger – you want something that feels like the optimal balance of weight, responsiveness and rigidity. 

The Carbon Junction helps to give the carbon frame the right amount of flex and forgiveness across the bike. We’ve even included our Future Shock suspension to keep road buzz to a minimum – or off-road buzz if you’re that way inclined. 

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Multi-terrain capabilities

But the new frame design isn’t where the capabilities of this bike end. We’ve designed the Sirrus Carbon to be capable on or off-road, starting with the Future Shock 1.5 suspension headset, and continuing with wide tyre clearance. You’ll be able to fit tyres up to 42c in width on this bike, or 38c if you choose to use mudguards.

We’ve also made this bike 1x specific, so there’s less things to go wrong! Less cables, derailleurs, adjustments, and cost. With modern components, gear ranges can be just as wide without a front derailleur or second chain ring, so why add complexity? 

The Sirrus Carbon also comes with plenty of mounts – not just for bottle cages, although if you want to decorate your bike in bidons, then be our guest. On XS and S sized frames, there are three bottle cage mounting places, and larger frames include an extra mount on the seat tube. 

Alongside this, practicality is at the heart of our bike designs. That’s why we’ve made it rack and mudguard compatible, and rather handily they can be used with our Specialized Dry-Tech fenders and MIK system racks.

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Specifications and models

What models have we got in this new radical design? The Sirrus Carbon X 5.0 and 6.0 are the models of choice in this range. The X 5.0 will be priced at £1,950, and the 6.0 at £2,400. 

In terms of spec, the 5.0 will offer a 12-speed SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain with an 11-50t cassette, a 38t chainring and 38mm tyres. All of this in a tidy 10.9kg package! The 6.0 will be equipped with a 12-speed SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain, including an 11-50t cassette, 40t chainring and 30/32mm tyres. All of this in 9.2kg, over 1.5kg less than the 5.0 version.

No matter what you’re riding for, whether it’s to commute, for leisure, or go to the shops, the Sirrus X is a capable and incredible looking machine to get around on. Where will yours take you?

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