Introducing the Turbo Vado

Introducing the Turbo Vado

Introducing the Turbo Vado

Looking for an e-bike that can do it all? An e-bike able to conquer everything from commutes to roads to trails and everything in between? Then look no further than the Specialized Turbo Vado range, which redefines multi-purpose.

With an improved carrying capacity from 20kg to 27kg compared to the previous generation and a 15kg tow increase, the bike now able to carry up to 60kg, the utility of the Turbo Vado range is unrivalled. Available in 5.0, 4.0 and 3.0 models (the difference being the motor, battery and drivetrain) with a step-through option, the range is equipped with fenders, integrated lights and the new MasterMind+ display unit. Let’s take a dive into what that all means for you, the rider. 

Confidence boosting ride

From the first pedal stroke, the Turbo Vado is all about making you a more confident cyclist. 80mm of front suspension and high-volume tyres smooth out any rough bumps, and the Turbo Full Power Motor provides a fluid and quiet ride. A redesigned geometry also backs you by putting you in a more secure and comfortable position. Finally, the hydraulic disc brakes offer top-notch stopping power both on- and off-road. 

Super secure 

Possibly the most intriguing details about the Turbo Vado are the tricks that deter would-be bike thieves. When you’re riding a bike as cool and reliable as this one, being able to securely lock it up without worrying whether it’ll be there when you get back is paramount. With that in mind, the Vado has some integrated features specifically to deter theft. When paired with the Mission Control app, you can disable the bike’s motor so that no one can turn it back on without your personalised pin. Furthermore, the battery can also be removed from the bike and taken with you or locked securely onto the bike. Of course, we also recommend a heavy-duty lock and chain that matches the personal cost of the bike. 

A new kind of tech bike

The bike is packed with software to make every ride enjoyable and safe. For instance, Garmin Radar at the rear can detect cars up to 140 metres away and will show you their position on the Turbo Vado’s display unit. This is the MasterMind display, which shows you real-time info, allows you to tune the level of support as you ride and gives you pedal pace coaching. You can then pair the bike with the Mission Control app for advanced micro tuning and on-road diagnostics. 

Beyond versatile

As previously mentioned, the Turbo Vado is perfect as an e-cargo bike thanks to its ability to hold up to 27kg and tow 60kg, and the range also has fully integrated lights, which means there is no risk of them dying mid-ride. Add to that the integrated DRYTECH fenders on the 650b wheels, keeping the road grime and dirt off your work clothes. Finally, there’s fun for all the family as the bike is also compatible with a thru-axle trailer and rear children’s seats. 

Choose your shift

All roads are accessible on the Turbo Vado as it’s equipped with the SRAM 11-speed derailleur system. Using a single ring on the front, the super-efficient drivetrain offers you plenty of gears and gets the most out of your bike’s battery power. 

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency 

The efficiency doesn’t stop with the gearing. The motor control software seamlessly amplifies your effort up to four times your power, providing a very natural feel to the level of assistance. This, paired with the other features detailed above, means that there really is no e-bike quite like the do-it-all Turbo Vado. 

Style mode

There are plenty of accessories to match to your Turbo Vado for ultimate style points. The sleek Mode helmet range pairs brilliantly with the bike and fits perfectly to your head thanks to an integrated fit adjustment and personalised sizing. With MiPS technology and hidden vents, the Mode also keeps your head cool and safe while you’re on the commute. 

Why not pick up a pair of the all-new Tailwind aerodynamic panniers while you’re at it? Blending style and function, the bags reduce drag and battery consumption by up to 6% compared to the competition, and offer the Turbo Vado a modern storage solution without compromising weight and performance. 

To see these next-level e-bikes for yourself, come down to one of our stores and give one a whirl. Speak to one of our friendly staff members and get started on your pedal-assisted journey. E-bikes open the door to a whole new world of cycling where you can ride further, higher and longer than before. For more on identifying the right bike for you, read How to choose an e-bike.

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