Why you should consider an e-bike for your commute

Why you should consider an e-bike for your commute

Why you should consider an e-bike for your commute

Electric bikes are absolutely great for getting you out on a bike without the worry of steep hills, train strikes and delays or getting stuck in traffic on the bus. They’re as agile as an unassisted bike yet bring a bit more pizazz to the party in the form of an electric motor. Unlike what some may assume, this doesn’t mean you’re cheating, and it doesn’t make you any less of a cyclist. Instead, electric bikes are feeding the e-mobility revolution and are helping thousands of people to ditch their cars and get out on the bike. So, let’s take a look at why you should consider one for your commute. 

Get there faster with less effort

If you’ve driven an electric car, you’ll likely have noticed how much faster it accelerates than a typical ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicle. The same goes for an e-bike compared to an unassisted one. A good e-bike motor will ‘kick in’ on the first pedal revolution meaning you’ll be up to speed in no time. This makes them perfect for setting off from traffic lights and junctions. 

The motor assist also means that you’ll put in less effort to reach the maximum assisted speed of 15.5mph. Anything over that and it’s under your own steam, but up to that, you’ll be putting in far less effort than you’d need to on an unassisted bike. 

E-bikes like the Specialized Turbo Vado come with a mid-drive motor, which is situated above the bottom bracket. This means it can react quicker than a hub drive motor, and often provides more torque, so you’ll be able to accelerate faster. E-bikes don’t require as much effort which means you’ll arrive at your destination feeling less sweaty than on an unassisted bike, and probably faster too. 

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Ditch the car, feel great

Not only are e-bikes great for skipping the traffic, they’re also a great alternative to cars for commuting. You don’t need to worry about parking fees, petrol costs, or any other motoring related costs you pay for running a car. It’s also cheaper to use and maintain an e-bike than to use public transport, even if the outlay can be quite big. 

So, what do you need to look for in an e-bike for commuting? It depends on what your commute is like. What terrain do you ride on? How far will you be riding? No matter where you ride, it’s an idea to look for an e-bike that has mudguards, lights and if you don’t want to carry a rucksack, then a rack or basket. 

The Specialized Turbo Como is a great example of a ready to ride package. It comes with a chain guard, (so you’ll never have to worry about a cat 4 tat), integrated front and rear lights, a rear rack which can carry up to 27kg in weight, and mudguards. It’s also a step-through frame design so you don’t have to wear anything cycling specific to be able to ride it. 

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Get moving

Not only are e-bikes fun to ride, cost-effective against driving, and mean you can ride those steep hills you’ve been avoiding without sweating, but they’re great ways of subtly upping your exercise. In the modern era, humans work long hours and spend a lot of time sat down, not getting the amount of exercise they need to be healthy and happy. 

Using an e-bike on your commute is a subtle way of increasing your exercise without it actually feeling like you are. It might even inspire you to start taking the longer way home or the more scenic route as you find yourself getting fitter and enjoying the ride. 

The Specialized Turbo Tero is a great bike for this, as it can handle bridleways, towpaths and regular tarmac. Thanks to the front fork suspension and hardtail inspired geometry, it’s a capable bike that makes a great commuting partner. 

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Want to learn more about e-bikes and why they make great commuters? Head to one of our Specialized Concept stores where our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to point you in the right direction. Find your nearest store here

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