Fall back in love with cycling on a Diverge

Fall back in love with cycling on a Diverge

Fall back in love with cycling on a Diverge

Sure, the title of this article is a big claim, but when it comes to finding something new in cycling, there’s nothing quite like the Specialized Diverge. We call it the ultimate getaway vehicle and that’s what it is, the perfect bike to take you off the beaten path and conquer the gravel trails this autumn. Speed, control and confidence across all terrain is guaranteed on the Diverge. Challenge your limits this autumn and fall back in love with the sport atop a gravel bike. More speed, more distance, more challenge.

The specs 

At the top of the Diverge food chain is the world beating, standard setting S-Works Diverge. A by-word for excellence, the “S-Works” on the downtube means that this model is kitted out with only the best specs, including some we will get into more detail about. 

The FACT 11r carbon frame delivers a light, stable ride while the SRAM Red AXS eTap groupset provides a smorgasbord of gears which shift seamlessly thanks to the 1x set up and SRAM’s Orbit fluid clutch. Roval’s ultralight and super tough Terra CLX wheels with Pathfinder 2bliss ready tyres, along with all the innovations we will mention, is the cherry on top of an admittedly dusty cake. 

Want a different groupset? You can also build your S-Works Diverge from the frameset up or take advantage of Campagnolo’s new Ekar gravel-specific groupset on the limited Diverge Pro Carbon – Campagnolo. As you can see from the links attached to this article, the Diverge range paint jobs are second to none. 

Geometry is the key 

We threw the geometry charts out the window and started from scratch with the Diverge. Inspired by the Epic MTB, a slacker headtube, longer reach and shorter cockpit provides stability, meaning that like on an MTB in challenging conditions, you can still put the power down. Front end stability is also covered with increased fork rake and trail, with the 452mm chainstays resulting in perfect balance across the bike and lively acceleration. Finally, the bottom bracket has been raised by 6mm to make it more cyclocross bike-like, improving clearance and making it nimbler. This new approach to geometry results in a bike that is perfectly balanced, giving its user the ultimate confidence boost on the trickiest gravel sections. 

Unlocking potential 

At under 1,000 grams the Diverge’s frame is super fast, super capable and super light. An increase in tyre clearance means that you can put up to a path-smoothing 47mm tyre on a 700c wheel, with the new reinvented chainstay design also providing more mud shedding space. You have to see it to believe it but the drive side chainstay is a narrow, solid beam of carbon that doesn’t have the expected vulnerability of a dropped-stay design.

Future Shock 2.0

Future Shock was made for the cobbles which means it’s the ultimate technology on gnarly gravel trails. The innovative technology keeps you in control of the front end while protecting your hands, arms and shoulders from repetitive strain thanks to an adjustable, hydraulically damped travel. This is why we call it the most comfortable gravel ride around.

Our most versatile ride 

Take all the gear and tools you need for a long gravel ride without filling up your pockets, thanks to the Diverge’s internal SWAT™ compartment. Low in the frame, the compartment is easy to access and keeps everything nice and dry so that you can escape into the wilderness in comfort without your pockets rattling about like maracas. 

Straight bars!

Who said gravel bikes can’t have flat bars? The Diverge Expert E5 EVO is the expressive younger sibling of the bunch. With 30mm more in reach, a 5mm lower bottom bracket and a 70-degree headtube angle plus our new aggressive Rhombus tyre, you can push your limits to the maximum on the wildest of gravel trails. It even has a dropper seatpost which will leave you scratching your head as to what type of bike the EVO actually is. No labels, ride how you want. 

The right gear for the job

You need the right shoes for gravel riding in these autumnal UK conditions and the new Recon 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 shoes are perfect for this time of year. With Body Geometry comfort and STRIDE toe-flex that allows your foot to move freely in the pedals whilst still providing ample power output, they are ideal for dirt crunching rides.

Want to get your gravel story going? Head to your local Specialized Concept Store, where our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help you find the perfect off-road bike for you. No matter what your trail, there is adventure around every turn and with the Diverge, the options for discovery become limitless. Click here to find your nearest store.

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