Commute on Your Bike with Specialized Nottingham

Commute on Your Bike with Specialized Nottingham

Commute on Your Bike with Specialized Nottingham

The summer's over, and for many of us, it's not just back to school for the kids, but back to work for us too. It's a familiar story where roads that have been relatively quiet for the past 6 weeks are suddenly flooded with cars leaving you sat at a standstill in your car. Maybe this year it could be time for a change, more and more people are climbing out of their cars and swinging their legover a bike and putting the fun back into their work commute. We've popped down a few reasons why cycle commuting could be good for you, and we've included our 6 favourite commuting bikes plus a range of great commuting cycle equipment below.


Commuting on your bike can be a great deal more fun than sitting in your car. I think we've all seen cyclists gleefully pass us while we sit with the engine ticking over not moving. In fact for many cycling to work can actually be quicker than sitting in the traffic. As well as the points below, we've also included some cycling to work FAQ's at the bottom of the page for those who have any questions.


Cycling is brilliant for your fitness, it's a great way to stay healthy and given the nature of the cycling motion it counts as a non-impact excersise so it's a lot easier on your joints than many other fitness pursuits like running. Commuting to work on your bike also means that you'll be getting your daily exercise without having to drive home and then drive back out to get to the local gym eating into more of your free time.


You may even find that cycling to work a few days a week will get you fitter than a few reps here and there on the machines at the gym and it could cost a great deal less too, in fact the average gym membership in the UK is around £43 per month, which amounts to £516. Our commuter bikes start at £425, which is nearly £100 less, and you don't have to renew the bike after a year. Don't forget biking to work even one day a week will save you money on petrol too, and the more often you bike the more money you'll save on fuel.


When you commute to work on your bike you want to be sure that you feel safe, which is why Specialized have released a huge amount of High Viz equipment this year. From helmets to jackets, you can be sure that you'll be seen by all others on the road giving you piece of mind on your commute. You can see more of these high-viz equipment in our featured products below.


Don't forget that you can save even more money if you get a bike on one of Cycle to Work schemes we accept in our Nottingham store, allowing you to take advantage of the Government's Green Transport Policy to purchase a new bike and accessories for commuting to and from work at huge savings up to 40%. You can find out more about that on our Cycle to Work page here.


Below are some of the most popular Specialized 2016 bikes that we recommend for commuting to work and also some useful accessories. All of the bikes and equipment below can be purchased through the Cycle to Work schemes.

{Commuter Bike Selection:2623,216,1653,2349,121,2250}


{Commuter Kit Selection:4167,3193}


When people think about commuting to work on their bike, there are always a few questions people ask, so we thought we'd pop a few of the Frequently Asked Questions about Cycling to Work.

I'm a bit worried about biking on the roads, is it safe?

Perfectly. If you're route to work is largely on roads and you're not confident, the best thing to do is get some practice in on quieter roads and build up your confidence before heading somewhere with more traffic. For women our Breeze rides are perfect for this. If you really don't fancy biking in the traffic then stick to the cycle lanes and pavements (make sure to be careful of pedestrians if you do). One of the great things about cycling to work is that you don't have to stick to the main roads, you can make the journey in much more pleasant by heading through the park or the canals. Get out and explore.

The nights are drawing in, will I need lights?

If you're commuting then we'd definitely recommend lights, it's important both for you to see and be seen. We've recently taken delivery of the new Specialized Stix range of lights which start from £20 and are fantastic in all weather and USB rechargeable. For visibility all our 2016 commuter helmets also come in High Visibility yellow and the Centro 2016 has LED lights built in to keep motorists aware of your presence.

I don't want to get to work all sweaty?

Many places of work now offer plenty of facilities such as washrooms and even showers so you don't have to. I always leave a clean t-shirt and some deodorant at work so I can have a wash and clean up if I bike in. If there aren't any facilities then another alternative is to bike in at a slow pace so you don't work up too much of a sweat and save your workout for the way home.

Isn't riding in in the wet weather miserable?

It's not always the most pleasant to arrive at work wet, but if you get the right kit on then it needn't be that bad. Our range of Jackets will do a good job of keeping you dry and you can fit paniers and bags to our most popular commuter bikes to keep your things dry. Once at work you can freshen up.

What about my bike being stolen?

Much like the washing element, many companies offer secure bike lock-ups on site. All you need is a good lock. We stock some excellent locks from Kryptonite that start from £24.99 and are available at a reduced rate if you purchase through a Cycle to work schemes.

Commuting on your bike can be a great way to save money, get fit and enjoy your trip to work. If you'd like to start riding to work then why not pop down to Specialized Nottingham and speak to one of our Sales Advisors (who all ride to wok) for some advice.

Or if your mind is made up and you would like to enquire about a a new Specialized bike or equipment for your ride into work then please feel free to send us an enquiry or call the Nottingham store on 0115 978 3876


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