Mission control - What is it - Why is it awesome?

Mission control - What is it - Why is it awesome?

Mission control - What is it - Why is it awesome?

We recently brought out our new Turbo Levo SL range for 2020 and toasted it in typical Concept Stores fashion with a blog post on the features of the ground breaking e-MTB. In that post we touched on our fantastic e-bike partner app, Mission Control (which can found on the App Store and Google Play). There is so much to learn about the app, so we thought we’d focus this week’s blog entirely on Mission Control and how it complements the Turbo Levo SL.

The app

Mission Control is our dedicated app which is compatible with our entire range of electric bikes. This means you can tune all our models, and plan and record rides with just a couple of taps. The app connects to your bike via Bluetooth which means you can get live data and dependable readouts instantaneously. Mission Control allows you to customise the motor settings to your riding style, diagnose any issues that might arise (and extract a report), record, save and analyse rides, upload rides to the likes of Strava, and control your range using Smart Control (but more on that later).

When we talk about ‘customising the motor to your riding style’ we’re referring to our three assisted riding modes: ECO, TRAIL and TURBO.

  • ECO – matches your effort up to 30% of the motor’s power
  • TRAIL – matches your effort up to 60% of the motor’s power
  • TURBO – matches your effort up to 100% of the motor’s power (the full 240 watts). In other words, it takes your power and doubles it

As well as these base settings, you can tune the motor to an infinite percentage and that way truly find the perfect power output to match your style. This feature means that you can ride with as much or as little assistance as possible, unlike other e-mountain bikes, which essentially give you all the gas or none at all. The options are also easily accessible via the Turbo Control unit on the top tubes of our e-bike range.

Specialized Turbo Levo SL 

We’ve raved about the new Turbo Levo SL range before and we’ve waxed lyrical about being able to fine tune your e-bike via the app, but what does that actually mean? So let’s clear some things up – there are a couple of features that make these bikes truly special:

  • Custom-tune the Turbo Levo SL’s power delivery
  • Control your range
  • Record rides
  • Track your power
  • Use Smart Control to automatically handle battery management

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All this adds up to help you get the most out of your day by ensuring you can ride for as long as possible. For instance, using Smart Control will help you get the most out of the battery and will ensure it lasts the distance without dying on you unexpectedly. With this function, you simply pre-programme how far/long you want to ride as well as how much juice you want left for the journey back, and then the system takes care of the ‘battery management’ so you can reach those specific targets. It does this with a smart algorithm that monitors the bike every 10 seconds, all while you’re shredding on the trails. Another helpful feature is the current charge status accessed on your phone, so you can stay on top of the battery when you’re at home or tucking into a cake at the café stop. See, just like we told you, this changes everything.


To find out more about the Levo SL and the other bikes in the range that utilise the Mission Control app, why not find your nearest store and have a chat with one of our friendly staff members. And if you need any more information on the app, the FAQ section of the Specialized site is the best place to go. 

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