Last October we revealed the Kenevo and we think it might just be the world’s best downhill e-MTB. We promised you it would bring more power, more speed and more fun to your ride. Well, the promises haven’t fallen on deaf ears and the Kenevo, like a lot of e-bikes, is rightfully enjoying its time in the spotlight. Let’s take a closer look at the bike, how it rides, and see what the reviewers like most about it.

Who needs the uplift when you have a Kenevo

Last October we revealed the Kenevo and we think it might just be the world’s best downhill e-MTB. We promised you it would bring more power, more speed and more fun to your ride. Well, the promises haven’t fallen on deaf ears and the Kenevo, like a lot of e-bikes, is rightfully enjoying its time in the spotlight. Let’s take a closer look at the bike, how it rides, and see what the reviewers like most about it.

The specs

It’s time to ditch the shuttle. There, we said it. What if there was an alternative to the big lumbering shuttle cart, one that gets you fit at the same time? Well, look no further than the Kenevo range. With the power to get you down the trail and then back up the other side just as quick, the Kenevo will revolutionise the way you see downhill mountain biking. That’s thanks to its powerful motor and brilliant build quality.

180 millimetres of travel and an aluminium frame built around a tweaked performance geometry help the bike handle like a dream. It’s a full kilo lighter than last year’s model and the sidearm frame, with its three connector points, cuts down on frame flex while also keeping things steady on even the gnarliest terrain. As for mod cons, the RockShox Boxxer dual-crown fork (single-crown Marzocchi Z1 on the Comp) shows that this bike was built for downhill. To help you when you’re there, SRAM Code R 4-piston brakes with 200mm rotors will help you get out of danger, and the SRAM 11-speed drivetrain supplies you with all the gears you’ll ever need.

Then comes the pièce de résistance, the fully integrated 2.1 motor. Get this, it amplifies your input by up to 410%. We’re not even joking, the Kenevo packs a serious punch. 15% smaller and 400 grams lighter, it quite simply defies logic when you’re flying up a hill. Plus, it’s tuned via our Mission Control app. You can set your distance and duration and the app will decide the rest. This means more power, more miles and more fun. For an in depth look into Mission Control, click here.


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The ride

All this adds up to the perfect ride. The motor hardly makes a noise and feedback shows how reliable it is, so if you’re worried about it cutting out on a steep uphill, don’t be. It’s a quintessential downhill bike, but the geometry means it can tackle a little bit of everything, taking technical trails and gruelling climbs in its stride. Everything works in unison, the motor, the rear suspension, the brakes, the dual-crown fork, so jump on, switch on and turn it on to those trails.


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What the experts say

But don’t just take our word for it, the cycling press has also had their hands on the Kenevo range and love the swiftness and fun of it, and of course, that all important ride quality.

“A big-hit-capable chassis is bolstered by one of the best motors on the market.” - BikeRadar

“With the revised sizing and geometry, the riding position is more commanding too, which in turn makes it easier to pick lines and manoeuvre the bike.” – MBR Magazine 


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“Building on the success of the original Kenevo, Specialized have improved the performance of this hard-hitting ebike in almost every way. More powerful and more capable than before the Turbo Kenevo takes e biking to another level.” - Tredz Bikes

“Specialized have developed the frame from the ground up, revising the geometry and making it a whole kilogram lighter than its predecessor.” E-Mountainbike

“Power is nothing without control, and Specialized has mastered the art of squeezing the best possible performance out of the motor hardware.” - PinkBike


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The Kenevo range once again proves that Specialized are in the vanguard of everything e-bike. To see the bike in all its glory, come down to one of our stores, speak to one of our friendly staff members and learn all about the innovations Specialized are making on their extensive range of e-bikes.


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